Grown organically at KoruKai Herb Farm, New Zealand. Free of pesticides, herbicides and other agrochemicals.

We ship the plants on the Monday following the order. The plants are shipped bare rooted with courier. Pop them in the garden or in a pot and water well over the first few days. Growing conditions are below.

Burn jelly plant is a fast growing, branched, succulent perennial with fleshy green leaves. It forms spreading clumps and grows well in a sunny, dry spot. It generally does not need watering.

The brightly coloured, yellow flowers are attractive for bees.

Medicinal uses
The fresh leaves produce a jelly-like juice that is wonderful for burns, rashes, blisters, insect bites, cracked lips, acne, cold sores, mouth ulcers and areas of cracked skin. This plant is easy to grow and is a useful first-aid remedy for childrens' daily knocks and scrapes.
Traditionally the leaves have been used to make an infusion in a cup of boiling water. The strained drink was taken for coughs, colds and arthritis. However we have not tried it internally at KoruKai Herb Farm, but go for it on a regular basis for insect bites, stings and burns.

Growing conditions
Bulbine frutescens is often used in landscaping where a drought-resistant, tough groundcover is required.

It is an easy-to-grow waterwise groundcover which, with the minimum of care, will look good all year round. It combines beautifully with blue dwarf agapanthus, flowering at the same time.

This succulent perennial multiplies rapidly. Prune it when untidy. For best results it should be planted in well-drained soil preferably enriched with compost. The dead flower heads should be removed to encourage further flowering. These plants prefer full sun, but they will also grow in semi-shade for part of the day. Although it will grow indoors, it requires maximum light.

Burn jelly plant thirving in a sunny, dry rock garden at KoruKai Herb Farm, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand.

Fiona 04/05/2021

Happy plant

My plant is doing very well. It arrived in good condition and has taken off quite happily.

Anne 28/04/2021

Plants arrived in good condition

We have planted them in a pot, I see that there is a ‘flower’ appearing on one plant. They aren’t out in the garden yet but they may need a move shortly :) Packaging was fine and everything arrived in good condition and promptly.

Louisa 28/04/2021

Plants are going really well

They’re going really well – I have one inside in a sunny window, and one outside in a greenhouse. The outside one is definitely bigger, and even ok after the cold weather last night (-1 C). The shipping in bare root was good, the package was still moist when it arrived so they looked fine.

Michelle 28/04/2021

Happy plant

It arrived very happy and hasn't looked back. It's grown a flower since. Now I've got it in the garden shed away from the frosts! Thanking you

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