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Bread Lame

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Bread lame with 5 stainless steel razor blades.

Attractive wooden handle and stainless steel tip to hold the blade. Also includes a wee leather pouch to protect the blade and your fingers during storage.

One side of a blade can be used for about 50 cuts, so one blade is for around 100 loaves of bread (5 blades in a box lasting you a very, very long time).

Danish Dough Whisk

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Sturdy dough whisk made with an oak handle and stainless steel head. It is perfect for bringing the dough together at the very start when mixing the water with the flour. Dough won’t get caught in the wires, and won’t clump in the center. 
Perfect for everything from artisan sourdough loaves, pasta, muffins and biscuits.

Length: 33cm
Head diameter: 8cm
Wire thickness: 3mm
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