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Gluten-free sourdough starter in a base of certified organic brown rice, sorghum and buckwheat flour and filtered spring water.

You will get the starter sent via courier and our Sourdough eGuide will be sent to you via email. Please look for an email with the subject line: [KoruKai Herb Farm] Files available for your order

This starter needs to be fed once you receive it. Please have some gluten-free flour on hand to be able to care for it. We have so far successfully tried it with millet, sorghum, brown rice, quinoa and buckwheat flour. Make sure to get a finely milled flour and not a course one. It is best to stay away from gluten-free premixes with preservatives, gums, salt and other additives.
You can feed it with a mix or gluten-free flours and unchlorinated water or do a single flour. We recommend brown rice flour for that.

Your starter arrives at 60% hydration, that means it is kept more dry than usual for shipping so that it doesn’t get overly bubbly and explodes during transport. The guide contains easy step-by-step instructions how to feed it and bring it back up to 100% hydration. Please have some gluten-free flour on hand and store it in the pouch in the fridge for no longer than 3 days before giving it a feed.

You get the starter via post and our Gluten-Free Sourdough eGuide will be sent to you via email after your payment has come through. Please look for an email with the subject line: [KoruKai Herb Farm] Files available for your order

Our Sourdough eGuide contains 24 pages of directions and a basic recipe with lots of variations and helpful tips (sent via email). It covers how to activate it after the shipping process, how to look after it and maintain and store the starter. It also includes a gluten-free and vegan bread recipe and a gluten-free pancake recipe, which we love for breakfast.

Shipping is with overnight courier (without signature, by NZ post) on the Monday following the order. We ship to all NZ addresses from the top North to the Deep South and also to rural addresses and PO Boxes. You will get a tracking number so you can follow your order. Orders and payments need to be with us on Saturday 4pm to get shipped the following Monday, otherwise it may be the week after. Please select rural delivery if you supply us with a rural address. We won't send the gluten-free sourdough starter if the rural fee has not been paid. If you are unsure if you live at a rural address please check your address here: https://www.nzpost.co.nz/tools/address-postcode-finder

BASIC (and not so basic) EQUIPMENT

In order to make gluten-free sourdough bread, you’ll need to pick up some basic equipment. Some of it you can’t do with out – like a jar for your starter and mixing bowls.

Glass Jar: You’ll need a jar in which to store your sourdough. A jar with a strong seal works really well to store sourdough, and to prevent it from drying out. Your jar should be at least twice as big as the volume of your starter. So aim for at least a 250ml jar. You can also use mason jars, if you like.

A Dough Whisk: You’ll need to vigorously incorporate flour, water and starter together, and one of the best ways to do that is with a dough whisk. We sell a sturdy Danish dough whisk on our website.

Dough Scraper: A dough scraper is really handy to shape high hydration doughs that would otherwise stick to your hands. It is great to gently scoop up loaves that have been shaped and pop them into the bannetons without destroying the structure. We have a great stainless steel dough scraper on the KoruKai website.

Mixing Bowls with Tight-fitting Lids: Mixing bowls help you mix your dough, and they give it a place to rise. With tight-fitting lids, your dough won’t dry out! You can also use a beeswax wrap to cover the bowl.

Kitchen Scale: For consistent results, you’ll want to weigh your ingredients both when you feed your starter and when you bake bread. Volume measurements are too unprecise for sourdough bread baking and most good recipes online are in grams because of this reason. We believe that a scale is a MUST. Visit your local farmers or homeware shop.

Proofing Baskets (Banneton) and Linens: Proofing baskets and linens help your bread to keep its shape while it rises. Since we’re working with relatively high-hydration artisan-style breads, a proofing basket is an essential tool. You can also use a stainless steel bowl and a clean tea towel to start with.

Dutch Oven: In order to develop a beautiful crisp crust, and a lofty and airy crumb, you need to bake with steam and to keep an even temperature while baking. I recommend a cast iron insert like the Dutch oven because it achieves particularly good results. It’s an investment for people who are really committed to baking good bread. I don’t use this tool and still get great bread baking straight on a baking tray. I tip 1/6 cup water or less (a small shot glass is ideal for this) into the base in the preheated oven under the baking tray before shutting the oven door quickly to capture the steam.

A Lame: A lame is a wooden tool equipped with a razor blade that helps you to score bread precisely and effectively. Using a lame is how artisan breads get such gorgeous patterns, and it also prevents them from tearing when they rise during baking. A lame produces the best results, but you can also score bread with a serrated knife. You can get a lame from our website.

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Certified organic gluten- free flours of brown rice, buckwheat, sorghum, filtered spring water, sourdough bacteria and yeasts
Monique P 11/04/2022

Yummy GF Sourdough

This makes the most yummy GF sourdough bread even my non GF partner likes it! The instructions are really clear and easy to follow

Ann-Marie 07/04/2022

Sourdough awesomeness

I can't thank Cornelia enough for creating this product. I've been gluten free for 19 years and have tried gluten free sourdough several times. It has always been a waste of ingredients and a disaster. I've never even got to making bread with it. I've had 100% success with this starter and my family LOVE the bread I make with it. Highly recommend. :)

Samira M 04/04/2022

Great gluten free starter

So nice to have sourdough again with this excellent gluten free starter

Elinor S 04/04/2022

First gluten-free sourdough trial

I have just made my first GF sourdough and despite undercooking it , the taste is better than any of the commercial breads available that I have tried! For this first time in ages I ate some bread without having to toast it! Thank you so much Korukai!

Rosemary 03/04/2022

Sourdough happiness

After having tried to make my own gf starter several times without luck - we bought this! And will not look back - every loaf is amazing and the family love it. Finally sourdough bread that looks and tastes like a regular loaf!

Astrid H 02/04/2022

GF Sourdough starter

Wonderful results so far, with full instructions and even more support via Facebook group. Thanks Korukai.

Elizabeth McBether 02/04/2022

Fantastic starter and instructions

I purchased this starter 2 weeks ago and I love it. The instructions and recipes are very easy to follow for a newbie like me. The starter is very active and I could make gluten-free bread within 2 days. My husband and kids love the bread, which is the most important thing for me. Thank you so much for providing such a great product.

Kaye W 02/04/2022

Opinion from upper Sydenham

Made some delicious bread, worked well. I am wheat free rather than gluten free so I added a bit of Spelt along with Piko’s gf flour mix. Struggled a bit with complex recipe but got there. Thank you!

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