We have decided to sell individual cloves this year to ensure we can give you the best cloves for planting. In a head the suitable cloves for seed vary and are between 0 and 5. This often results in too small cloves being planted or simply not enough cloves available in a head for a good crop.
I sorted through 800 heads over a couple of weeks. I am very picky with deciding which ones are good seed cloves and which ones are not, so you benefit from this pickiness as I decided for you.

Softneck garlic: Beautiful strong growing garlic with good sized head and cloves. Spacing: 10-15 cm

We strive to grow high quality garlic for seed and culinary use, however we cannot guarantee you sucess in your garden as there are so many factors involved to grow a great crop. We have written a blog about growing great garlic. Please read and apply as much of the recommendations as you can to feed it properly and reduce the chance for disease.

Here a few photos of the growing process at KoruKai Herb Farm:

Cloves are grown in soil enriched with compost, autumn leaves and wood chips.


A beneficial fungal dominant compost extract is being sprayed on the crop 5 times to feed the crop, enhance beneficial fungi and outcompete rust.


Crop is looking great in November.


At harvest time in January, the crop is plated and hung for curing for 4-8 weeks.


Data sheet

Seed garlic for planting into soil and growing them.

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