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Use over and over again and if you look after them, they will look after you.
Buy once and never buy again.

Our kefir grains are actively fermenting 24/7, don't spend time in the fridge or being put into dormancy. They are fed CERTIFIED ORGANIC ingredients only and we use filtered spring water as the base. They are super active, feeding and growing all the time.

This product is produced and packed in a certified kitchen.

We ship orders to the far north and far south and everywhere in between. Rural orders are also no problem.

You will receive via CourierPost:
- 3 Tbsp of active organic water kefir grains to make 1 litre of fizzy, probiotic drink in 48 hours.

You will receive via email:
- Document with 20 pages of detailed instructions, recipes and FAQ (see table of contents below). Please look for an email with the subject line: [KoruKai Herb Farm] Files available for your order
- Support via email to ask questions and get a helping hand when needed

With our grains you can rest assured that they are from professionals that grow a lot of kefir grains every week and have years of experience doing so.

Making water kefir is a very easy process and we are here to help you get started.

Shipping is every Monday 8am. You can also arrange pick up from us in Pigeon Bay (contact: [email protected]). Please select rural delivery if you supply us with a rural address to avoid delays. We won't send the kefir grains if the rural fee has not been paid. If you are unsure if you live at a rural address please check your address here:

Data sheet

3 Tbsp of active and fresh water kefir grains
Vanessa 23/06/2022

Love it

We LOVE our water kefir

Fiona 16/03/2022

Water kefir grains great quality

Just want to say a big thank you for my lovely healthy kefir grains which arrived today. They are so large! Much better than some I bought elsewhere.

Vanessa 09/12/2020

Great product!

Loving the water Kefir making. Very easy. Good fiz. Great instructions!!!

Melissa 06/12/2020

Super Easy Healthy Sodas in time for Christmas Celebrations

With the warmer weather and Christmas looming I decided to try the Water Kefir grains with the hope of making a healthier soda alternative. The whole process couldn’t be easier! I followed the clear concise instructions and within 3 days I had my first lightly carbonated fresh lemonade. With minimal effort and ingredients, the results are a super tasty and refreshing to drink. The creativity with the flavour selections is limitless but Cornelia does provide recipes and suggestions for your reference. I have successfully made lemonade, ginger and turmeric, fresh strawberry mint plus pineapple and lemon verbena. Although there is sugar added at the start of the process, the grains/cultures convert this to produce the carbonation. The final degree of sweetness can be tempered by your added flavourings and the length of fermentation. The grains multiply rapidly so I have more than enough to make continuous batches for all the Christmas celebrations and well beyond. For a very modest investment the rewards are economical bespoke beverages bursting with health benefits, a bonus that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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