Sourdough Starter & Baking Tools

Nothing better than a house filled with the aroma of homemade bread. The satisfaction of making an artisan sourdough loaf yourself connects you to your ancestors who have probably made bread for centuries along with butter to go with it. We have made our own sourdough bread for over 10 years now and still enjoy every loaf produced. We have been exploring sweet baking recently ad love making hot cross buns and cinnamon rolls. With the right tools and a helping hand, you can succeed making bread.

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Sourdough Bread Baking Workshop

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Learn how to make artisan sourdough bread successfully at home.

Date: 24th July 2022

Time: 10am -3:30pm

We started our sourdough bread baking journey 13 years ago and now bake a large variety of breads and sweet treats for our family and friends.

You will walk away with a recipe booklet and a free sourdough starter.

Sourdough Starter for Baking Bread

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Next shipment day: 10th January 2022

Sourdough starter in a base of certified organic rye flour and spring water.

You will get the starter sent via courier and our Sourdough eGuide will be sent to you via email. If you already have a starter, you can also purchase the eGuide separately here.

This item gets shipped every Monday.
Order and payment needs to be in by 4pm Saturday to get shipped the following Monday.

This starter need to be fed once you receive it. Please have some rye flour on hand to be able to care for it.

Sourdough Bread Baking eGuide

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This thorough eGuide covers all the basics that you need to know to create great artisan sourdough bread.
It includes instructions how to look after your starter and includes recipes to get you started on this amazing journey.

You will get the guide as downloadable pdf so make sure you enter the correct email address when placing your order.

Last update of the file: 26th August 2021

Wax wraps for Bannetons

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These wax wraps are perfect to cover your bannetons once the bread dough has been shaped and is retarded in the fridge.
Plastic free, reusable, environmental friendly.

Made from repurposed cotton fabric, beeswax from hives at KoruKai Herb Farm and coconut oil.

Each wax wrap has 17g of beeswax melted into it. It keeps well for at least two years of regular use.

2 sizes available (select below):

Round: 30.5cm diameter
Rectangular: 34cm x 19.5cm

Diastatic Malt Powder

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Certified organic diastatic malt is made from barley grains which are sprouted and then dried at a low temperature before being milled into a powder.

The organic barley is kilned carefully to create a high diastatic power. We mill it to order to provide you a very fresh powder for your baking.

Available in 100g and 500g bulk pack in a home-compostable, biodegradable pouch.

Danish Dough Whisk

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Sturdy dough whisk made with an oak handle and stainless steel head. It is perfect for bringing the dough together at the very start when mixing the water with the flour. Dough won’t get caught in the wires, and won’t clump in the center. 
Perfect for everything from artisan sourdough loaves, pasta, muffins and biscuits.

Length: 33cm
Head diameter: 8cm
Wire thickness: 3mm

Dough Scraper

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This stainless steel dough scraper is perfect for all sorts of baking at home. It is the perfect tool to pick up, turn and portion dough. It is also great to clean the work surface afterwards. 

We love it to shape high hydration, sticky sourdoughs and also use it for portioning pizza and other items.

Size: 15cm x 11cm

Product is wrapped in paper and NOT plastic!

Bread Lame Knife

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Bread lame with 5 stainless steel razor blades.

Attractive wooden handle and stainless steel tip to hold the blade. Also includes a wee leather pouch to protect the blade and your fingers during storage.

One side of a blade can be used for about 50 cuts, so one blade is for around 100 loaves of bread (5 blades in a box lasting you a very, very long time).

Fennel seeds

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Fennel has a sweet, warm, anise, licorice aroma. The taste is slightly sweet with a hint of mild anise.

30g packaged in biodegradable paper packaging.

Transfer to an airtight container after purchase. Keeps for 2 years when stored properly.

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