This soap shaker has been designed by Country Trading and works very well with our Dishwash Bars. They do not come with a bar, but you can get our bars here.

This unique upright design:

  • takes up less space on your bench
  • drains freely, avoiding mushy soap
  • saves money by making your dish wash bar go further

Save money and hit your zero waste goals with this simple stainless steel soap cage for bar dishwashing soap.

Imagine how many plastic bottles of dishwashing liquid a year you can remove from your home by switching to this simple plastic-free low tox dishwashing method.

How to use:

Use your soap shaker by swishing it briefly in very hot water or pour a kettle of hot water over it to generate your suds. A little goes a long way, for best results don't overdo the soap.

Data sheet

1 soap shaker without bar

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