100g is for 10kg (1%) - 20kg (0.5%) of flour weight and is ideal for home bread baker.

500g is for 50kg (1%) - 100kg (0.5%) of flour weight and is ideal for small bakeries and restaurants.

1kg is for 100kg (1%) - 200kg (0.5%) of flour weight and is ideal for commercial bakeries, burger shops and takeaways.

This malt powder is from certified organic barley (contains gluten) grown by a family farm in Central Otago. AsureQuality certification number 1136/02.

Diastatic malt powder is the "secret ingredient" bread bakers use to promote a strong rise, great texture, and lovely brown crust. Especially useful when flour does not have barley malt added, as is true for most whole wheat flour and many organic flours. Active enzymes in diastatic malt help yeast grow fully and efficiently throughout the fermentation period, yielding a good, strong rise and great oven-spring.

The barley is being sprouted and an enzyme is created in this process. This enzyme transforms starches in the bread flour into sugars, which then feed the yeast in your sourdough loaf as it ferments.

Our customers and us have noticed increased crust colour and flavour as well as a beautiful crumb development. The bread also stays fresh for longer.


Use the diastatic powder at a very low rate. 0.5% to 1% of the total amount of flour used for a loaf of bread is typically enough.
If you loaf of bread contains 1kg of flour then you need between 5g (0.5%) and 10g (1%) of diastatic malt powder.

Calculate it as follows:
0.5%: flour weight in grams x 0.005
1%: flour weight in grams x 0.01

Data sheet

freshly milled certified organic diastatic malt powder
Bethany 12/07/2022

Fantastic product

Everytime I made the bread and pizza base with the malt powder ,the result is fantastic-tasty and look beautiful.

Oriole C. 24/06/2022

Wonderful product!

Yesterday I made my sourdough 50/50 white and rye batter-style bread, adding one teaspoon diastatic malt over two 2kg loaves. Can hardly believe my eyes when I see that instead of being flat on top, it rose above the level of the tins.

Sean 27/04/2022

Makes buns better

We are a burger shop that makes our own buns and have found your enzymes make our buns much better.

Natasha Kamps 16/11/2020

Great product!

I use this malt at 1% for my bread and it does what it promises. It makes a nice crust and it keeps better than without it.

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