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Delicious in a range of dishes, its eye-catching appearance makes it very attractive in any garden bed. It enjoys cooler temperatures and is extremely cold hardy, with flavour improving after a hard frost.

Can be productive for 6-12 months by picking the lower leaves and enjoying as needed.

Transplant seedlings to a final spacing of approx. 30cm – 40cm apart once plants are 5+cm tall and have a few true leaves. Apply compost and sheep pellets before planting and a generous layer of mulch around the plants.

It is suited for growing in pots or containers if garden space is limited. Keep up the watering and choose a decent sized pot as they can grow quite large.

Image above: Cavolo nero kale doing well in our mixed species plantings for soil regeneration at KoruKai Herb Farm.

Image above: Those plants tested our patience, by growing very vigorous for over 15 months before flowering and setting seeds. The results are the best genetics for our customers for vigorous growth in your garden.

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