Growing instructions
Sow seeds inside in seed tray or punnets. A heat pad or brewers pad works well for them as they need an even temperature of 18 C to germinate. We are on Banks Peninsula and start them in August on a heat pad. Transplant into a pot with potting mix, enriched with compost and vermicast once second leaves appear. Keep them inside, on a heat pad or warm spot. Plant into the garden, glasshouse or under cloches at 30cm diagonal spacing.
Give them support as they grow up. The branches with fruit are often laden and they may break under the load.
Select the best plants and let the most beautiful fruits ripen on the plant and save your own seeds to plant again the following spring.

Image below: Nicholas's favourite vegetable. One happy boy when we get swamped with them in April every year.

Image below: Stuffed and roasted capsicum. So yumm!

Data sheet

20 seeds per pack

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