Package contains seeds and a small amount of the flower head. Simply sprinkle it all onto a seed tray.

Simply sprinkle seeds onto a tray filled with moist seed raising mix. Cover with seed raising mix and keep moist.

Germinate in 7-14 days. Prick out the best ones and transplant into the garden at 30 cm diagonal spacing. Keep well watered in the first two weeks after transplanting. Mulch well.

Harvest the flowers regularly so they set new flowers and you get a continuous harvest. Leave the best flowers to go to seed and harvest the seeds when they are nice and brown for your next sowing.

Image below: Calendula flowers at KoruKai Herb Farm. They get picked every second day over the summer season. Then dried and infused into oils or blended into herbal teas.

Image below: Honey bee doing her job.

Image below: Wonderful orange medicinal oil made with KoruKai calendula flowers.

Daisy 04/06/2022

Amazing companion plants

These calendula flowers have the most amazing bright orange colour, they look wonderful in my vege garden (and salads) and the bees love them. As a bonus they have also self seeded everywhere so I have plants whenever I need to pop some more in.

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