Grown organically at KoruKai Herb Farm, New Zealand. Free of pesticides, herbicides and other agrochemicals.

We ship the plants on the Monday following the order. The plants are shipped bare rooted with courier. Pop them in the garden or in a pot and water well over the first few days.

Image below: Bunching onions grow very abundant and we harvest big handfuls every week for stir fries, frittata, in salads and as sandwich fillings.

Growing conditions

Bunching onions are very resilient and easy to grow. They will grow in almost any soil conditions and can even tolerate drought. The addition of compost and mulch and growing them in full sun to partial shade with plenty of water will certainly help to produce a superior crop.

Prepare the soil before planting by adding compost. Plant them at 10-20 cm spacing and mulch well. Water well over the first few weeks to reduce transplanting shock and over the dry summer period.

Let them multiply before harvesting. When harvesting simply cut off what you need at ground level or pull out individual plants.

Image below: Red bunching onion growing well at KoruKai Herb Farm.

Image below: Kai dividing and replanting bunching onions at KoruKai Herb Farm.

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