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    Peppermint seedlings

They come bare rooted with some growing tips in place.

Small: enough for a 20cm wide planter/pot
Large: enough to fill 1 m2 of garden bed.

Leaves can be used fresh or dried for herbal teas. Simply steep 1 tsp of dried leaves or 1 Tbsp of fresh leaves in 1 cup of boiling water for 5 minutes.

Review for our peppermint: "Best peppermint tea! I love this peppermint tea, it’s so minty and a little goes a long way. Best peppermint tea I’ve tried" JW

Above: Peppermint grown at KoruKai Herb Farm, New Zealand.

Planting Instructions:
Peppermint does have the tendency to spread so plant it where it can spread or plant into a pot or a bed with some edging in place.
Peppermint loves water, but not being waterlogged. Make sure to water well over the dry summer period. Don't water the leaves to prevent rust.

Plant in a sheltered site in full sun or partial shade. Prepare the soil with compost and mulch lightly.
Make a wee depression in the soil and lay the dormant plants lengthways into the shallow trench. Have the green growing tips sticking up.

This is the amount for a 20cm wide planter/pot (choose "Small" above)

Make a shallow trench into the soil (below).

Cover the roots and stalks with soil.

Keep the growing tips above the soil surface.

Add a light layer of mulch on top and the peppermint will emerge strongly in spring.

Aromatic and very flavourful, peppermint is wonderful for the digestive system, acting as a carminative to reduce gas, ease nausea and sooth cramping. It is an uplifting herb and cooling to the body.

Karen 14/05/2021

Delicious tea and wonderful aroma of peppermint

Clear easy to follow instructions, my peppermint thrived in the tub I planted it in. I dried some leaves and made peppermint tea, delicious. Love the smell of peppermint too.

Margot Lange 07/05/2021

Very happy!

I was very happy with my peppermint, which I planted in a pot because I was worried it might take over, but perhaps I needn’t have worried? It did very well in a sunny spot on my deck and I love it for tea. It is still going well (I am in Auckland). I found your instructions very clear and the packaging was excellent.

Liz Manuel 03/05/2021

Clear instructions

I grew them in a large pot and I have had a good lot of peppermint to use in my tea. Your instructions are very clear that you have on your website and the packaging is good. I had sufficient peppermint from the small cutting for my needs.

Rhonda 03/05/2021

Plant have done well

My peppermint has done very well in a big pot, considering it suffered from lack of water on numerous occasions over these last few dry months. It’s dying back now and looking sad so thanks for the tips on re-planting. I’m in the process of moving my herb garden so I will put it in the garden and mulch it for next year. I have enjoyed my peppermint tea ?

Anna 29/04/2021

Great plants

Thank you for the peppermint plants, have had success with growing them in a planter box. They were well packaged and planting instructions were helpful thank you. I have cut and dried a small amount to make tea with. Looking forward to making more batches of tea. Thanks again.

Megan 28/04/2021

Great success.

The plants have been a great success. So far the plants have not died back, look pretty much the same as they did in the spring and summer. I live in Ruakaka – Northland. Packing and planting instructions were good.

Rosie 28/04/2021

Now I'll have mint forever

The Peppermint is doing amazingly well. It was exceptionally good value & I found the instructions very easy to follow. And now I think I'll have mint forever! Thank you very much.

Lynne Bennett 28/04/2021

Happy with my purchase

I was very happy with the root cuttings I got last winer, still moist when I got them & very healthy, sprouted away nicely & provided many cups of tea from the fresh leaves. I hope to get around to drying some next season.

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