Banks Peninsula has an abundance of wild edibles and to find over 100 species in a day is quite common. Learning which ones are edible, tasting them and preparing them for a meal brings us back to our roots as hunters and gatherers.

We not only feed our bodies with highly nutritious food that has not been tempered with through breeding techniques to increase shelf life and transportability, but we also feed our soul, reduce stress and reconnect to our primal inner being. For millions of years humans ate what they gathered on a daily basis. That we are removed from growing and foraging our food and are now buying it from a supermarket is only a blink in the timeline of human evolution. Connecting to our roots can have a significant effect on us.

During this foraging tour you will learn about many edible greens that are widespread throughout New Zealand and that can be found in many backyards. Cornelia will explain their nutritional and medicinal value and easy ways to prepare them.

The tour starts at the waterfront in Pigeon Bay at 10am. We will walk and forage for edible greens and seaweeds.
For lunch we head up to KoruKai Herb Farm where we will find more edible and medicinal plants. After this we will prepare a nutritious foraged lunch together.

In the afternoon Cornelia will demonstrate how to make a topical healing salve with wild herbs for wound healing, eczema and dry skin. You will walk away with a handcrafted salve to use at home (value: $18)

10am Gathering at Pigeon Bay Waterfront (details via email)
10:10am - 12pm: Foraging tour to find, identify and gather wild edible and medicinal plants and seaweed.
12am - 1pm: Short drive to KoruKai Herb Farm and finding more edible and medicinal plants.
1 - 1:45pm Preparing lunch together using foraged plants, mussels (preforaged) and seaweed.
2 - 2:30pm: Lunch
2:30 - 3pm: Demonstration on how to turn wild medicinal plants into a herbal healing salve to aid wound healing

What you get:
- hands on, practical skills & knowledge that you can use in your own life
- identify confidently a range of wild edible and medicinal plants and become empowered to incorporate those into your everyday lifestyle for better health & well-being
- booklet containing over 15 wild edible and medicinal plants in detail with images, nutritional and medicinal value and a range of recipes
- delicious and nutritious lunch
- 1x 25g herbal healing salve freshly made at the demonstration (value: $18)

Booking required.
For questions please contact Kai: [email protected]

More about Cornelia Holten

MEd (Integrative Learning), Certificate in Organic Horticulture and Herbal Medicine
Cornelia is an herbalist and slow food educator with a passion for simple living, DIY, herbs and self-sufficiency. A certificate in Organic Horticulture, the Soil Food Web, an Apprenticeship in Herbal Medicine and living on a farm in Pigeon Bay equip her with a lot of knowledge and experience with growing food and living a healthy life. She is teaching workshops on sustainable food systems, whole foods, fermentation, primal diets and organic gardening. A thirst for knowledge and a passion for new scientific studies keep her well informed on those topics.

Michelle and Adrian, Christchurch 02/08/2021

Every reason to attend

And no reason not to! Location perfect, information rich. This short course gives you a thirst for more. Who would of thought the weeds growing on the side of the road, or in our backyards, could be so useful to our nutrition and health. The course has inspired us to make a herbal tea and spring detox cleanse, all from foraging!

Simone 02/08/2021

Fun day

This workshop was relaxed and interesting. I have come away with new energy to look at food, weeds and my garden in a new light. Lovely food, lovely garden, what a view! Thanks loads for this, we need more workshops like this one out there.

Wendy Barker 02/08/2021

Foraging Tour: Wild Edible and Medicinal Herbs

I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to learn how nature's bounty can nourish, heal and regenerate as a gift to others who follow in our footsteps. Cornelia is a fabulous teacher, her family such lovely hosts. To share this day with like-minded people, all keen to learn how to identify, harvest and prepare the herbs and seafoods found on our coastline, in hedgerows, pathways and gardens, culminating in a our shared lunch, was an amazing reward. Well worth the time and the investment, as well as magical day in beautiful Pigeon Bay.

Anne and Alan Hendry 02/08/2021

Foraging Tour

We had an excellent day. Very educational. Cornelia had us all working together and in smaller groups. We identified and gathered plants for our very nutritional lunch. And very tasty it was as well. We were helped in our selection by the kids, Julia and Nicolas. Husband Kai also took part. We'd recommend this to anyone who is interested in foraging.

Lance 02/08/2021


The course, location and structure were good but what made it a great day was Cornelia; her passion, easy way of delivering the information and the support provided by Kai, Julia and Nicholas. Thanks so much for the experience.

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