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Cornelia has training with Dr. Elaine's Soil Food Web School and has completed the Foundation classes with distinction.

She is a certified lab technician with the Soil Food Web and is analysing soil, compost, compost teas and extracts for KoruKai Herb Farm.

She is currently enrolled in a soil consultancy training programme to deepen and expand her own knowledge and to be able to help farmers in the future with their very own on-farm composting operations.

Course contents:

- The soil food web and its members

- Setting up a microscope

- Taking a sample

- Analysing a sample for its biodiversity: bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes

You need your own microscope for this course. Get in touch for specifications and NZ suppliers ([email protected])

This course if for beginners, but we recommend our Soil Food Web class to provide you with biological farming knowledge and hands-on compost making experience.

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