Autumn is a wonderful season in the garden. The abundance of produce, the preserving, fermenting and freezing of food, the clean up before winter, the compost making, gathering seaweed, the fresh crisp air in the morning, gathering leaves. I LOVE autumn!

Above image: a mulch and food layer with comfrey leaves makes a nice autumn blanket ready to plant winter crops.

We have put together this workshop with important gardening tasks that autumn brings. Cornelia is a passionate organic, regenerative and biological gardener with a wealth of knowledge from her 10 years experience in organic horticulture. She makes nematodes look sexy and will spark your interest in the soil food web.

This course will cover:
- seed saving
- propagation of herbs by cuttings
- how to set up and maintain a worm farm
- make your own liquid fertiliser
- cover crops
- make your own potting and seed raising mix
- no-dig gardening - an introduction
- nitrogen fixation by bacteria and how to keep it cycling through your system

This workshop is for beginners and advanced gardeners, who want to grow their own nutrient dense food at home or on a larger scale and build resilience and independence.

Tutor: Cornelia Holten

MEd (Integrative Learning), Certificate in Organic Horticulture and Herbal Medicine
Cornelia is an herbalist and slow food educator with a passion for simple living, DIY, herbs and self-sufficiency. A certificate in Organic Horticulture, the Soil Food Web, an Apprenticeship in Herbal Medicine and living on a farm in Pigeon Bay equip her with a lot of knowledge and experience with growing food and living a healthy life. She is teaching workshops on sustainable food systems, whole foods, fermentation, primal diets and organic gardening. A thirst for knowledge and a passion for new scientific studies keep her well informed on those topics.

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Practical knowledge
Carol Hunting 25/05/2021

Good usable information

An enjoyable workshop, jam packed with information. I find Cornelias manner very enabling. She obviously has a deep understanding of everything on her land and for the more scientific minded she has so much to share. That’s not how I am but found her teaching style so informative and therefor motivational. Things I ‘knew’ were expanded on and I took home lots more gardening knowledge. I have to say that since completing this course and the hot compost course the week before I am spending more time in the garden with more confidence and enjoyment. I now have a worm farm, a growing seed bank and a hot compost doing exactly what We hoped it would. Thank you both for the workshops and the prompt help when I had a couple of questions.

Stuart 13/05/2021

An excellent day at KoruKai

Cornelia's Autumn Workshop was a fantastic opportunity to see how great a garden can be. Cornelia is full of useful information and the day was fun too. I learned a huge amount. It’s amazing what Cornelia and Kai have achieved at KoruKai – pretty inspirational.

Niki 10/05/2021

practical help

Seeing Cornelia's garden in action was really valuable. From the clay beginnings to the deep rich humus results and the healthy autumn produce was really heartening. Plus the hands on activities made the day really worth while. Thanks to all.

Sal 08/05/2021


Today has been the most educational and rewarding stepping stone to my new journey towards biological gardening and self sufficiency. I'm totally hooked. Thank you

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