In this workshop you will learn about a range of wild and cultivated medicinal herbs with antiviral and antimicrobial properties to boost immunity for the coming winter months. You will also learn about different extraction methods and will make a herbal winter tonic for you to take home.

Workshop topics:

* We will start with a walk around the herb garden at KoruKai Herb Farm. We will gather wild medicinal herbs and cultivated medicinal herbs with antiviral and antimicrobial properties to boost immunity, treat coughing and other cold and flu symptoms.
* You will learn about a range of extraction methods. From water to vinegar and glycerin (alcohol free, suitable for kids) and alcohol (tincture)
* Make 300ml of herbal immune tonic to take home. We will do most of the tonic preparation at the workshop. The herbs need infusing and straining after 2 weeks. Full instructions are supplied.
* Create your own unique herbal tea blend from a range of immune enhancing herbs.
* Create a foot soak mixture for enhanced wellbeing and to treat fever.
* Create an inhalation blend to treat stuffed sinuses.

What you get:

  • Hands on, practical skills & knowledge
  • Identify confidently wild medicinal plants and become empowered to incorporate those into your lifestyle for better health & wellbeing
  • Booklet with info about the medicinal herbs, extraction methods and recipe for an immune boost tonic
  • 300ml of immune boost tonic for you to take home (value: $50)
  • 30g of herbal tea mixture (value: $15)
  • 110g of foot soak herbal mixture (value: $12)
  • 10g of inhalation blend (value: $8)

Tutor: Cornelia Holten
MEd (Integrative Learning), Certificate in Organic Horticulture and Herbal Medicine
Cornelia is an herbalist and slow food educator with a passion for simple living, DIY, herbs and self-sufficiency. A certificate in Organic Horticulture, the Soil Food Web, an Apprenticeship in Herbal Medicine and living on a farm in Pigeon Bay equip her with a lot of knowledge and experience with growing food and living a healthy life. She is teaching workshops on sustainable food systems, whole foods, fermentation, primal diets, medicinal herbs and organic gardening. A thirst for knowledge and a passion for new scientific studies keep her well informed on those topics.

About KoruKai Herb Farm

On KoruKai Herb Farm we grow over 80 medicinal herbs and turn them into herbal teas, herbal remedies and skin care products. Everything is grown spray-free and organically with an integrated pest and disease management. We grow all our vegetables, eggs, meat and some fruit for the year on the farm and sell surplus to the local community. We measure the nutrient density in our vegetables and herbs with a Brix meter and do soil tests on a regular basis to help us with decision making. We implement permaculture principles wherever possible trying to close the "loop". We have a composting toilet and use water harvesting techniques like swales on contour on our hilly block. We keep Wiltshire sheep, ducks, chickens and weaner pigs. We have a Jersey house cow and transform the milk into butter, cheese and yoghurt.

Data sheet

information and practical knowledge
Niamh 30/05/2022

Great Workshop

I learned so much about how I can use herbs for my winter wellbeing and the class has motivated me to do it a lot more. The afternoon was lovely and the products we made are a great start to the homemade herb journey. Thanks to Cornelia and family!

Liz M 17/05/2021

Medcinal herbs workshop

I enjoyed my afternoon with Cornelia and the other participants. It is a great opportunity to have hands on learning. Being able to see the plants both growing and dried was great. Also knowing they are easily found by foraging or grown at home. I appreciated the process of making our own personal remedy. Thank you.

Ngarie 20/06/2020

Very informative!

I thoroughly enjoyed this very informative and well paced day. The booklet covered everything we needed to know. The making of everyone's individualized winter brew was intriguing and the teas and treats enhanced the already amazing hospitality in an amazing environment. Thankyou for your amazing generosity and for everything you all do to support projects like Roimata in CHCH too.

Lisa Mills 16/06/2020

Wild Herbs for Winter workshop

I really enjoyed this course; walking in the garden and seeing directly what the herbs looked and tasted like, and then coming into the kitchen to make our own brew was really satisfying. From Kai and the kids warm welcome to Cornelia's vast knowledge on herbs, it was a great workshop. This subject is so broad, and Cornelia managed to bring it down to herbs that I can grow and find in my own back yard, simple and user friendly. Looking forward to receiving more herbal and growing knowledge in the future, and to be on the beautiful herb farm again

Susan 16/06/2020

Medicinal Herbs

I thoroughly enjoyed my time and learning at your space. I'm also looking forward to planting out the roots and growing some new crops.

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