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Yarrow is a powerhouse of medicine, both for internal and external treatments

  • The Native Americans made great use of yarrow using it to induce sweating to reduce fever associated with the common cold.
  • Yarrow is a medicinal herb that would be difficult to be without; it is of great value for many illnesses but first and foremost, it is a herb for women. It is beneficial for the reproductive organs, supports the bladder to work properly and improves vein and capillary strength. 
  • Yarrow contains flavonoids, plant-based chemicals that increase saliva and stomach acid to help improve digestion.
  • Yarrow has a long history as a wound healer and is our first choice herb we use to stop bleeding. It was used by humans dating back over 50,000 years. Soldiers used yarrow to staunch bleeding and Greek myths tell the tale of it given to Achilles to use during battle hence its botanical name Achillea.

Yarrow growing at KoruKai Herb Farm, Banks Peninsula

Yarrow flower

Post drying processing to remove stalk by hand

Data sheet

30g of dried yarrow leaves and flowers, without stalk. Unprocessed.

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