Health Remedies Pack - Kids

Essential Medicine Pack for a family with children to ward off cold, flu and virus bugs and to treat lung infections.

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Recipe: Health Drink Kids

1 cup of Immune Boost Tea
1 tsp honey
1 tsp Elderberry Syrup
1 tsp Chest Ease

Mix all of the above ingredients and enjoy this wonderful herbal drink 2-3 times per day.

Elderberry Syrup, 200ml
Our number 1 cold and flu remedy loved by kids of all ages. KoruKai Elderberry Syrup boosts your immune system and relieves the symptoms of viral conditions. A fantastic remedy for children.
Testimonials and more info here

Chest Ease, 100ml
Chest Ease clears the chest and airways of mucous and supports relaxed breathing. It relieves dry, unproductive coughs and bronchitis due to its inflammation and pain relieving properties. It soothes and protects the mucous membrane tissue of the nose, throat and mouth. It is a great cough mixture and liked by children.
Testimonials and more info here

Throat Spray Kids 30ml
Formulated for children’s constitution and taste buds. Sage, native NZ Kawakawa, echinacea, honey and lemon bring pain relief for sore throat and stimulate the immune system to combat bacterial and viral infections.
All herbs are grown at KoruKai Herb Farm –fresh & effective
More info here

Immue Boost Tea, 30g
This tea fights bacterial and viral infections and boosts your immune system. It is soothing to inflamed and painful mucous membranes. It can also be used as a steam inhalant or a herbal foot soak or full body bath.
More info about the herbs in the tea here
Ingredients see individual products for the list of ingredients

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Pack content

1 x Chest Ease
$ 21.50

This herbal remedy has been formulated for children.It is soothing for the whole respiratory system and will bring relieve to wet and dry coughs, bronchitis and asthma.100ml glass packaging.Please see our Health Elixir for a chest relief and immune tonic for adults.

$ 21.50
In stock
1 x Immune Boost Tea
$ 14.00

This tea is a must-have in every home apothecary. It helps to fight bacterial and viral infections, supports the lungs and boosts your immune system. Use it when your body is in pain, has fever, feeling inflamed and to treat cough. 30g loose tea in compostable packaging.

$ 14.00
In stock
1 x Elderberry Syrup Size-200ml
$ 35.00

NATURAL IMMUNE SUPPORT FOR CHILDRENFor lung support please see our Chest Ease for kids. For ADULTS please see our immune boost elixir with elderberries and echinacea: Health Elixir

$ 35.00
In stock
1 x Throat Spray Kids
$ 19.50

This Throat Spray is an effective treatment for sore throat. It has been formulated for children’s constitution and taste buds. 

$ 19.50
In stock

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