Nipple Balm

Wonderful balm to speed up the healing process and to sooth pain and irritation after breastfeeding. 

15g glass packaging.


  • Brand: KoruKai Herb Farm
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$ 12.00


Made with only the highest quality, food-grade ingredients, this organic balm helps soothe pain and irritation. It speeds up the healing process in order to relieve and revitalise nursing nipples –no need to wipe off before nursing. 

Directions: Apply after each breastfeed to provide a healing and protective barrier on nipples and surrounding area.

Ingredients Sunflower seed oil*, chamomile flowers*, calendula flowers*, beeswax* *organic

Best thing for breastfeeding

I was given this by my birthing clinic and it has helped my breastfeeding journey tremendously. Just came here to buy a second lot and some for my pregnant sister in law and thought I’d drop a review :)


Wonderful product

I was given this balm by my midwife as I've had a lot of difficulty latching and suffered some damage. I've found it quite soothing and believe it has really helped with healing. I'm buying more for myself and for pregnant friends


Fantastic product

This nipple balm has been used by many of my clients and they all say it is really soothing and healing, assisting recovery from nipple damage to improve their breastfeeding experience. Thank you. Sheryl Joy Christian, Registered Midwife.

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