New Juice Fasting Week

Juice Fasting Week

One of the most powerful things you can do for your health, well-being and longevity is fasting.
During fasting you are giving your digestive system a rest and allowing your body to literally take the rubbish out.

Fasting week: 12th-19th March

Join us for 1, 2 or even 5 days of cleansing.


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Our body has evolved to be able to cope very well with fasting and we only need to make the time in our busy lives to allow for such a deep cleanse.

Fasting is part of who we are and we have evolved to do fasting as a species. However fasting was never done in isolation. It was done as a group. Fasting and feasting go hand in hand as part of a community's seasonal rhythm.
Therefore we would like to provide a support network across New Zealand. Supporting one another in this important cleanse, so we can get through the first couple of days and can share our successes, highs and lows.


We are in the process to establish a private forum that anyone can join. In the meantime we have created a private facebook group for this purpose of sharing and supporting. It is totally free to join this group. You can simply sign up through this page and we will send you the link within 48 hours.
We are sorry if you are not on facebook and value your decision. Stay tunes for our private forum, which is hopefully up and running for our cleanse in spring.


If you would like additional advice and support, then we are here to help.
You can purchase our "Juice Fasting Support Bundle" here where you will get a helping hand.

The bundle includes:

- Preparing for a juice fast – leading into the fast to make the transition easier
- Helpful resources for the juice fasting period: guidelines, recipes and shopping list
- Tips for transitioning out after the juice fast
- Free access to the private facebook group (see above)

Our support documents are in pdf and video format and will be sent to your inbox a week before the cleanse.

We believe that fresh is best. Fresh juices have a very limited shelf life and start to loose nutrients, enzymes and vitality after 24 hours of preparing them. We do not believe in juice powders, reconstituted juices or other processed supplements during a juice cleanse.

You will need:

- a juicer to prepare fresh juices every day
- fresh, organic vegetables, herbs and fruits for juicing

Please note that individual results may vary depending on your own unique situation, circumstances, diet, lifestyle and motivation. Juice fasting of more than 24 hours is not recommended for everyone. Dietary and lifestyle factors can play a role there. Also the current use of medications, supplements and prescription drugs may prevent you from being able to go into a juice fasting period. Consult your health care provider or naturopath with any concerns that you may have. Your health care provider will be able to assess any potential benefits and risks based on your personal medical situation. We at KoruKai Herb Farm are unable to provide such an advice. A juice fast is not advised for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Mentor: Cornelia Holten

MEd (Integrative Learning), Certificate in Organic Horticulture and Herbal Medicine
Cornelia is an herbalist and slow food educator with a passion for simple living, DIY, herbs and self-sufficiency. A certificate in Organic Horticulture, the Soil Food Web, an Apprenticeship in Herbal Medicine and living on a farm in Pigeon Bay equip her with a lot of knowledge and experience with growing food and living a healthy life. She is teaching workshops on sustainable food systems, whole foods, fermentation, primal diets, medicinal herbs and organic gardening. A thirst for knowledge and a passion for new scientific studies keep her well informed on those topics.
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