Bread Proofing Basket, Banneton

Proofing baskets help your bread to keep its shape while it does its final rise.
We find a banneton an essential tool when making sourdough bread at home.

We started off using a stainless steel bowl and a clean tea towel, but have found the proper bannetons so valuable that we are offering them now to our customers.


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  • Oval: 27x14x7cm
  • Round: 25x8cm

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The quality of our bread has greatly improved since we invested in bannetons.

Those bannetons are made from natural rattan cane and come with a linen liner. They meet the high EU food standards. 
Rattan is strong and lightweight, making the baskets very durable. 

We have two sizes available. They are suitable for 750g-1kg loaves, but also work for smaller loaves.

Size A: Round banneton with 25cm diameter and 8cm height (images below)
Size B: Oval banneton with 27cm length, 14cm width and 7cm height (images below)


Fitted natural linen liner comes with each banneton

Size A: Round Banneton with 25 cm diameter and 8cm height

Size B: Oval banneton with 27cm length, 14cm width and 7cm height

Oval banneton

How to use:

Before the first use: Thoroughly wash the linen liners and rattan baskets. Air-dry in full sun before storing in a dry place.
When making bread: Simply dust the banneton liner with flour and place your shaped loaf into the banneton (seam side up). If your dough is very moist and sticky roll it in some coarsly ground flour to cover it with a dry layer prior to placing it into the bannetons.
When using it without linen, gently mist the rattan cane with water and then dust it heavily with rice flour, tip out excess flour before adding the bread dough.
Let the dough do its final proof and once done, gently turn the dough out onto the baking tray.
Do not bake the loaf in the bannetons! Remove before baking.

Care instructions: Wash baskets with warm water and let air dry thoroughly before using. Linen covers can be washed in the washing machine below 30 C.
After use, let the baskets dry unstacked for a few hours before putting them away. Wash them occationally. Store in a dry place between uses and let sun dry occationally to prevent mould.
Ingredients 1 banneton, please select size

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