Dough Scraper

This stainless steel dough scraper is perfect for all sorts of baking at home. It is the perfect tool to pick up, turn and portion dough. It is also great to clean the work surface afterwards. 

We love it to shape high hydration, sticky sourdoughs and also use it for portioning pizza and other items.

Size: 15cm x 11cm


  • Brand: KoruKai Herb Farm
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This dough scraper is fully stainless steel. We dislike scrapers with a plastic handle that starts to break off after a few weeks.

It sits very nicely in the hand and is our go-to tool for sourdough bread baking.

This scraper is 15cm wide (handle) and the length is 11cm.

It also has a measuring guide on the blade, which allows you to easily measure and cut pasta and pastry dough.

Ingredients 1 dough scraper

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