Bread Lame

Bread lame with 10 stainless steel razor blades.

Attractive wooden handle and stainless steel tip to hold the blade. Also includes a wee leather pouch to protect the blade and your fingers during storage.

One side of a blade can be used for about 50 cuts, so one blade is for around 100 loaves of bread (10 blades in a box lasting you a very, very long time).


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A lame, pronounced "LAHM" (French for "blade), is a great tool for scoring bread just before it goes into the oven.
Attractive patterns can be created as well as deep and precise cuts.
These cuts controls where the loaf expands during baking.

Slashing or scoring a loaf of bread: This refers to cutting the outside of the dough with a very sharp razor (called lame) just before it goes in the oven. This practice accomplishes two things. First, it can be used as a decorative element on breads, to create a signature look, or to create a design to help bakers of many loaves to tell one from the other. More importantly, however, slashing is used to help a bread expand in the oven without exploding, cracking, or creating unsightly bulges. Slashing both reduces the unpredictability and increases the loaf’s ability to expand once it meets a hot oven (aiding the oven spring).

Bread scoring techniques by Maurizio Leo from The Perfect Loaf

photo: Maurizio Leo from The Perfect Loaf

Ingredients 1 bread lame with wooden handle and 10 double sided razor blades

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