Kanuka Honey

This natural raw Kanuka Honey comes from the hills of Banks Peninsula.
Martyn from Banks Peninsula Honey is a well known apiculture tutor and he does beekeeping with a lot of passion and a big heart for his ladies.

500g glass jar.

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Banks Peninsula has an abundance of Kanuka trees and we cherrish their antibacterial and antifungal properties when we craft our Kanuka Hand Cream and use the Kanuka in our Skin Healing Salve.

We are very fortunate to be able to offer this honey to our KoruKai customers as Martyn's beekeeping practice aligns with ours of nurturing and caring for the bees we have on KoruKai Herb Farm. The wellbeing of the bees is paramount and the integrity of the hive is kept in place year round. With only 50 hives in Martyn's management you know that you are purchasing a high quality product without mass production.

This Kanuka honey is not only delicious in taste, but also renowned for its health-giving and healing properties. This honey is raw and has been creamed so it does not crystallize over time.Banks Peninsula Honey differs from season to season and from hive to hive as they are spread out accross the whole of Banks Peninsula. This honey is from the summer season 2020. 

Here a few articles:

Kanuka is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory and was used by the Maori for pain and inflammation relief and skin diseases.

Kanuka at KoruKai Herb Farm, Banks Peninsula


Martyn Wheeler

Hives on Banks Peninsula

Ingredients Raw Kanuka Honey from the hills of Banks Peninsula

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