DIY Probiotic Yoghurt Pack

With this pack you are sorted to make your own, high quality probiotic yoghurt at home.

All you need to add is the milk of your choice.


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Probiotic Yoghurt Pack contains:

- Fermentation Flask

This flask will keep the temperature at 40 C while culturing, electricity free, plastic free!

- 1 litre glass jar with tight fitting lid

- Our probiotic yoghurt starter to make endless amounts of yoghurt. 
Probiotics in this yoghurt:
Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium Bifidus, Streptococcus Thermophilus.
Please note that it needs to be used within 3 days of receiving the pack and then fortnightly to keep the culture alive. No need to buy ever again!
Please note that you need to make a batch of yoghurt within 3-5 days of receiving the culture and then reculture every 2 weeks to keep the culture alive and healthy.

- Kitchen Thermometer

13.5 cm long with clip, temperature in C (-10 to 100 C) and F, so make sure you read the right temperature.

- Recipes
for dairy yoghurt (like our probiotic yoghurt), sour cream, lactose-free dairy yoghurt, cultured butter, yoghurt cheese (cheesecloth needed for this one), Shankleesh (lebanese yoghurt cheese balls in olive oil, cheesecloth needed) and Greek yogurt (cheesecloth needed for this one). Also recipes to make your own plant-based dairy-free yoghurts from coconut, almonds, cashew, soy or homemade nut-milk blends. Included are detailed recipes and tips to help you make your perfect yoghurt.

Not in this pack, but useful item to make Greek Yoghurt, yoghurt cheese and cheese balls: Cheesecloth

What you will need:
- milk of your choice: dairy cow, goat, sheep, lactose-free
- pot to heat up milk
- spoon
- hot water

Ingredients As outlined in description of the product

Love it!

I love the doubled walled thermos for the yoghurt, no guess work required! It also makes it very easy to take with me when on holiday.

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Pack content

1 x Kitchen Thermometer
$ 15.00

Stainless Steel Thermometer for kefir, yoghurt and cheese making13.5 cm long with clipThis thermometer is an accurate way to ensure you are heating your milk up to the right temperature. It has saved the life of kefir grains more than once and is essential for probiotic yoghurt making.This thermometer has a clip to attach the thermometer to a pot or jar.

$ 15.00
In stock
1 x Perpetual Probiotic Yoghurt...
$ 15.00

We are excited to share this starter culture with you that will make endless amounts of yoghurt. No need to buy again and again as with most other yoghurt cultures. Comes with clear instructions via email to make Probiotic Yoghurt and recipes for Greek Yoghurt, Simple Yoghurt Cheese (labneh) and Shankleesh (Lebanese cheese balls marinated in olive oil).

$ 15.00
In stock
1 x Fermentation Flask
$ 69.00

This Fermenting Flask from Culture Cupboard is perfect to keep your kefir at a steady temperature without the nighly lows in winter and the mid day highs in summer.It is also amazing to make your own yoghurt without the need for an electric yoghurt maker. The flask comes with a glass jar and a recipe book to make your own dairy and dairy-free yoghurts.

$ 69.00
In stock

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