Seed Potatoes Urenika

Limited quantities available. Strictly 1 bag per person only.

Solanum tuberosum. Maori Urenika Potatoes
Organic seed potatoes grown at KoruKai Herb Farm, Banks Peninsula

Pack contains 500g of seed potatoes.

Growing instructions below.


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We have found that these potatoes give a great yield when in the ground from September until March (South Island, Canterbury).

They retain their beautiful purple colour when cooked.

Planting Instructions: Potatoes are frost tender so plant after the last frost in early spring. We plant ours in deep trenches in September. Before planting ‘chit’ or sprout the potatoes by keeping them in a dark place. They can be laid out in a tray (egg cartons are useful) to sprout, in a dark place.
We dig two trenches (spade deep, which is about 20cm) along a garden bed and add good compost or well rotted manure along with seaweed and wilted comfrey leaves.  
Position the seed potatoes at approximately 25 cm spacings along the trench before filling it in. We then mound them up at planting time and that's it. No more mounting later on.
We then cover the bed with autumn leaves and wood chips to retain moisture over summer and keep weeds down when potatoes are still young.
We cover the whole bed with a fine netting from the BHU (link here) to keep the Tomato, Potato Psyllid off the crop and have had great restults with it. The potatoes have been bigger and the harvest was abundant with the netting.Make sure to put it on loose enough so the potatoes have room to grow underneight. Hoops can be used to prop the netting up. Make sure there are no gaps all around the netting.
We plant our crop in September and harvest between March and May.
After harvest dry the potatoes, do not wash them and store in a dry and cool place like an earth cellar or south facing porch.

Ingredients 750g seed potatoes

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