Fermenting Weight

This glass fermentation weight is just what you need to make ferments successfully at home.
Place it over your shredded vegetables and fit a fermenting airlock on the jar.
They are also great to make homemade apple cider vinegar.

Diameter is 69mm, depth 14mm

One weight is $7.50


  • Brand: KoruKai Herb Farm
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$ 7.50


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The weight fits most wide mouth preserving jars. Always measure the jars before placing an order.

The diameter is 69mm as stated above, so the jar needs to have a wide mouth like these Ball ones with 86mm diameter to fit. They do not fit the 500ml or 1000ml Perfit Utility jars.

The weight is deep enough so that when the top hits the lid the base is still pushing the pickles down. It is easy to put in and to fish out of the jar by grabbing the little handle. It's heavy enough to keep down the most vigorous ferment and they are really easy to clean and can go into your dishwasher.

They will last you a lifetime of fermenting.

Ingredients One glass fermentation weight

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