Tea Infuser

A practical tea infuser for loose leaf teas.
Stainless steel, durble and fine mesh.

This is the one we use at KoruKai Herb Farm. We still use the one we started with 5 years ago. We drink 3 litres of herbal tea every day, so it is definitely durable.


  • Brand: KoruKai Herb Farm
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$ 9.00


This is a great solution for infusing our KoruKai loose leaf herbal teas. 

Easy to remove tea and clean after brewing.
Can be used for one cup or a whole pot of tea.

Ingredients stainless steel

Tea Infuser

Love this, doesn't let the tiny leaves through and fits perfectly in my cups.



Very handy for single cups of tea. The mesh is fine enough to not allow leaves to float into cup when lifted out, great value.

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