Lip Balm - Healing

This natural lip balm contains herbal extracts from KoruKai Herb Farm. It has been formulated to treat herpes blisters like cold sores.

Glass packaging.
Available in 15g and 25g.


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Kanuka and St John's Wort are our go to herbs for viral infections. They are combined in this healing lip balm with calendula flowers and provide a great natural solution for herpes blisters around the lips.

This balm can also be used for dry and cracked lips and for other skin conditions caused by a virus like shingles and chickenpox.

Directions: Use as soon as first symptoms appear. Use 3-5 times per day.

Ingredients Sunflower seed oil*, calendula* and st john’s wort* flowers, beeswax*, kanuka essential oil * organic

Magic on cold sores!

I get cold sores quite frequently. I now apply this balm as soon as I feel one coming and it stop it in its track. Heals up so much faster and keeps my lips nourished and soft.

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