Some facts about our products

  • Herbs are grown on KoruKai Herb Farm, Banks Peninsula, NZ (unless otherwise stated).
  • Herbs are grown following organic principles (BioGro Standard for Organic Production) and harvested by hand to capture their maximum benefit.
  • Tincures, infusions, decoctions, glycetracts and other herbal extracts are made on site by an experienced herbalist.
  • Oils are certified organic, unrefined, natural and cold-pressed to enhance the herbs' constituents.
  • Other ingredients are mostly certified organic, natural and sourced within New Zealand where possible.
  • Natural essential oils are used for fragrance and their unique properties enhance the products. We get high quality essential oils from Essential Oils of New Zealand.
  • Containing no artificial fragrances, perfumes or flavours.
  • For some creams we use an ecovert approved emulsifier derived from olives, which is approved for organic skin care.
  • Some products contain a gentle preservative, we use one that is 100% safe, ecocert approved and very effective. You will find it on the label called microcare db or dehydroacetic acid and benzyl alcohol. Approved for organic skin care.
  • Chemical free and natural skin care.
  • All products are handcrafted on site and we know every single ingredient's origin.
  • Nothing has been tested on animals, of course. Why would you? All natural and beautiful ingredients!


Information for our Vegan customers

Most of our products are vegan. To find out which ones simply click on the search symbol on the top right corner of this page and type “vegan” into the field.
Our herbal healing salves and balms contain beeswax and some of our herbal health remedies contain honey.

Both products are from a trusted, local beekeeper we know personally and we know that his bees are looked after very well. No mass production, no mistreatment of queens or bees and no chemical Varroa treatments. Without trusted beekeepers our food supply in New Zealand would plummet. They are essential for the pollination of many fruiting plants and a wise management benefits the bees and us. With plenty of flowers around on Banks Peninsula and a good amount of Kanuka and Manuka trees, the bees are feasting, producing a surplus of honey.
Our trusted beekeeper only takes the surplus produced, leaving enough honey in the hives for the bees to overwinter. The bees are therefore much healthier because they haven’t been fed sugar water used in big commercial operations.
The honey is a blend containing clover, wildflowers, Kanuka and Manuka flowers. The honey has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
Beeswax has rich amounts of vitamin A having a good effect on human skin health. It improves hydration to the skin and promotes cell regeneration. Beeswax will not “suffocate” the skin, but rather, allow it to breathe while still providing a protective barrier. When used in balms, beeswax creates a barrier, which helps to seal moisture into the skin.

What customers say about our products

"What I love about Korukai products is that I know I am buying top quality natural products, at a reasonable price, which taste and smell great. Having visited the farm, I am confident that what I order is completely organic. " JL

"I have very sensitive skin and sensitive sense of smell and there isnt one product that offends either. I really love the Avocado Face cream for use on every part of my body but particularly my face, the Kanuka hand cream at night and the lavender hand cream for during the day. The Injury Healing salve is like a miracle in a jar, I have had incredible results with it. And to top it off the personal customer service is 5 star." SK

"One of the best workshops i've been too. Practical learning and amazing tea time food. Cornelia's passion is just inspiring. Highly recommend her products (we use the Health Elixir weekly) and book yourself in to one of her workshops pronto!" TH