Image above: Tulsi grown at KoruKai Herb Farm, Banks Peninsula

100% grown on KoruKai Herb Farm, Banks Peninsula. Organic and delicious.

Tulsi "Holy Basil" (Ocimum tenuiflorum): Tulsi is known as an adaptogen and contains hundreds of phytochemicals that work synergistically to promote the bodies natural defense mechanisms that ward off disease and stress.  The leaves are an Ayurvedic herb, also called holy basil, and is native to India where it is valued as an energizing and tasty beverage tea that is served hot or cold. Recent studies have also shown that it’s also a powerful antioxidant and may even be able to reduce blood glucose levels and cholesterol. 

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis): Lemon balm has a sedative action on the central nervous systems and is widely used to treat anxiety and insomnia in Europe. It reduces anxiety and stress and eases sleep disorders.

Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora): Skullcap is a premier nervine. It has a wonderful way of calming and centering the nervous system. Skullcap acts as a mild yet effective sedative and helps relieve nervous tension and anxiety. Skullcap can be taken over long periods of time to strengthen and reinvigorate the nervous system, making it more resilient and strong. It also can be taken in acute situations of extreme stress, such as panic attacks and trauma. In these situations skullcap works quickly to bring the nervous system back to a place of homeostasis and calm.

Apple Mint (Mentha suaveolens): Apple mint is a beautiful tasting mint. It can alleviate headache and various digestive problems.

Use 1-2 tsp. (1g) for a cup of tea (250ml), steep for 5-10 minutes and strain.
Enjoy as often as you like any day of the week.

Store below 20 °C out of direct light in a dark and dry cupboard to retain freshness.


During pregnancy and laction please consult your health care professional before consumption.

30g loose herbal tea. Makes about 30 cups.

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Tulsi, Lemon Balm, Skullcap, Apple Mint

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