Herbal extracts of echinacea, elecampagne, ginger, garlic, elderberries, horseradish and marshmallow support your body's immune response to infections and allergens.

They gently stimulate the clearing of mucus from the chest and calm inflamed mucus membranes. When taken regularly it helps to prevent and treat upper respiratory infections, improves cold and flu symptoms and reduces hay fever symptoms.

The base of this healthy brew is apple cider vinegar, which has numerous health benefits. Apple cider vinegar helps the body maintain a healthy alkaline pH level. Research shows that a balanced acidity level in the body lead to a boost of energy and lower incidences of infection. It helps your body to remove toxins, reduces heartburn, helps to break up mucus throughout the body and cleanse the lymph nodes. We use certified organic, raw and unfiltered ACV - full of nature's goodness! The addition of honey provides antibacterial properties and gives the brew its sweet taste. The herbs are grown organically on KoruKai Herb Farm on Banks Peninsula. They are processed by hand and the constituents are extracted over a few weeks to ensure a potent product.

Directions: Shake well before use.
Acute dose: Take 1-2 tsp. 3-5 times per day.
Preventative dose: Take 1 tsp. once a day.
Take straight or dilute in a small amount of warm water or juice, or mix into a cup of KoruKai Immune Boost Tea with the optional addition of honey.
For children 12+ years and adults.
For children 1-12 years please see our Elderberry Syrup (immune boost) and Chest Ease (cough, chest complaints).
If symptoms persist please see your health care professional.

Best before: 2 years from manufacturing date
Once opened store in fridge and use within 6 months.

Herbal Dietary Supplement

Data sheet

Echinacea, elderberries, horseradish, garlic, ginger, elecampane and marshmallow. In a base of organic apple cider vinegar, tincture, water, honey
Amanda 24/07/2022


I am onto my second bottle of the health elixir. It was very helpful getting rid of my Covid cough!

Chalice M 02/05/2022

Health Elixir Power

Recently I came down very suddenly with the nasty C virus. It hit me quickly and luckily I had the Korukai health elixir and Immune boost tea on hand. I used both during the first two days drinking the Elixir in my water and the tea on its own, having a dose of both every hour or two. It was very fast acting and my bodies immune system responded very positively to all the goodness in these two products. My symptoms lasted for max 3 days and I was up and about feeling great. This is a fabulous product to have on hand and to take regularly, especially over the winter months.

Marion Walser 14/03/2022

Fantastic tonic

I have recently had covid and I used the Health Elixir and the throat spray. They both helped me with my symptoms and I was able to shake it after just a couple of days. It tastes very potent and I only used 1 tsp 3 times a day.

Robyn Mourie 25/11/2021

Reduced my hayfever

A spoonful of this elixir twice per day significantly has helped reduce my hayfever stress

Maree Peters 02/08/2021

Huge Fan

After using the Health Elixir Immune Boost I have quickly become a huge fan of your products and have used the Elderberry Syrup and Digestion Tonic. I love that they are so fresh. And they do a wonderful job of helping my body stay well. Thank you

Maree 30/06/2021

Incredible stuff

Yesterday I was sneezing a lot and feeling the beginning of a cold/flu. Last night I took an acute dose of Health Elixir. BAM I had the best sleep which is rare for me, 65 and various health issues, this morning I took another acute dose which my body told me was too strong so I will keep dosage lower. Honestly this is a brilliant product. I love it. I have just taken the cap off the Elderberry Syrup, smells Delicious. Thank you so much for your incredible products and your beautiful integrity. It shines through. Much Aroha

Lyn M 03/08/2020

Excellent Product

Cornellia, your Health Elixir is the best! I work with alot of people in my job and get exposed to colds and flu bugs daily during the winter months. I've been taking your elixir every day for a few months now and can honestly say it protects me!! And it tastes soooo good too!! Definitely recommend as a daily tonic.

Sophie H 07/04/2020

Daily Boost!

Only recently found Korukai and have replaced my usual health elixir alternatives with the Korukai version. Not only am I feeling healthier day to day, I have less sniffles, less allergies and its nice and gentle on my stomach! Highly recommend and will continue to be a loyal customer!

krystie miller 03/04/2020

Health Elixir

Recently purchased this for my husband and I as cold and flu season is nearing. We have been using this as a preventive and so far so good. Tastes great. No signs of any colds thus far.

Sue Burton 02/04/2020

Fantastic product

Hubby and I have used this product when we had colds coming on and we both managed to escape the lurgy. It’s also great to take when my breathing is a bit off in the Rotorua air!

Jocasta W 02/04/2020

Love this elixir!

My partner and I have started using this recently. We both had a slight cold and within a couple of days of taking the elixir, cold was gone! Amazing stuff. Have even got my mum into it now :)

Deanna Gracie 28/03/2020


I highly recommend this elixir - I have taken it in the past to help me get over a nasty flu bug and now if I feel even slightly under the weather I start taking some straight away. I wouldn't be without a bottle in the medicine cupboard now :-)

Leanne G 28/03/2020

Magic Syrup

I just started to feel unwell with a sore throat and cold symptoms, took two doses and magic all better. Highly recommend :)

Suse Driller 18/03/2020

Effective and fast acting!

Had been struggling with pneumonia for 2 weeks now and finally a friend got me onto a bottle of this magical stuff. After 10 minutes I could already breath better and I shook the pneumonia off within just a couple of more days. I felt much better after 24 hours of taking it. Best $35 I have ever spent!

Christine Beller 26/02/2020

Hand down the best product I have tried

I have used in the past a few other herbal companies like KiwiHerb and Artemis for myself and my children. I am so very glad that I have come across KoruKai Herb Farm. I have now tried Health Elixir for myself and my husband and elderberry syrup and chest ease for the kids and all 3 products are just amazing. The freshness of the herbs that come from the farm is impressive and I love their ethos of organics and holistic health. Thank you so much for producing quality over quantity.

Gayle 08/01/2020

Great product!

The Health Elixir is wonderful, it eases my chest and cough really quickly, plus it tastes great.

Adrienne 02/07/2019

Health Elixir

I bought this to help us fight the bugs over winter and it has been excellent for both hubby and I. As soon as we felt a cold starting, had a sore throat, or cough we started to take this and it cleared up in a day or two rather than several days as it normally would. The taste is palatable although not delicious.

Deanna Gracie 02/07/2019

Health Elixir

I had been left feeling nauseous with really low energy after a flu recently and decided to try the health elixir as a "pick me up". It really did pick me up - the taste is lovely too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

Mary-Ann Matthews 15/05/2019

Amazing stuff.

I have been struggling with a cough and cold for weeks. My sister-in-law recommended the Health Elixir and got one for me. I was blown away by the effectiveness of this product. I took it 3 times on the first day and the next day I woke up with a clear head and clear lungs. This is a very strong brew, not like the diluted stuff you get somewhere else. Honestly I am speechless and can't praise this product enough. Thank you so much for producing something that is so effective.

Kerstin Hamilton 10/02/2019

Health Elixir - the best!

My husband and I had a horrible cold and cough that we couldn't get rid off last spring. Cornelia suggested the Health Elixir, and OMG what a difference it made! Within one week we were symptom free. This is one product that is always in my fridge now. Can't recommend Cornelia's products highly enough!

Marie 06/06/2018

Magic potion!

I would like to take this chance to say how much I have enjoyed the positive results from taking the Health Elixir. A cold that had been hanging on for weeks got "encouraged" to go whilst taking this product. It was really nice to know I was boosting my body's own immunity with this wonderful natural product. And my two children have enjoyed taking the Elderberry syrup with equally successful results. Thank you KoruKai very much appreciated.

Jessica M. 06/06/2018

Amazing product!

Your Health Elixir has been amazing, every time I feel even the slightest sore throat I take an extra spoonful and it's instantly gone!

Julie L. 06/06/2018

Powerful Tonic

Last year I had colds, coughs and the flu regularly for 6 months - my daughter had started kindergarten and was bringing home all the bugs. I was taking Elderberry Syrup, but it wasn't enough to prevent me from getting sick. For the last 2 months I've been taking the Health Elixir once a day and haven't been sick at all. It is a powerful kick-start to my day. It is just amazing, and I am very thankful to Korukai for making such a great product.

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