One thing that should be in just about everyone's diet are fermented or cultured foods. Not only are they packed with flavor, but they're positively brimming with probiotics.

Those little microorganisms support your immune system and help to revive and maintain gut health. Fermented foods are also rich in B vitamins, food enzymes and key antioxidants that support healthy cells.

Welcome to this exciting journey of fermentation.

This pack contains:
- 1x instruction and recipe booklet "Water Kefir Guide" sent via email
- 1x 1 litre glass jar
- 1x silicone airlock for first ferment
- 1x tight fitting lid for second ferment
- 1 pack with 3 Tbsp of fresh water kefir grains

An additional glass jar for the second ferment can be purchased (please select above).

Water Kefir Guide:

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