We are the main supplier of kefir grains in New Zealand and ship the grains world wide.

Use over and over again and if you look after them, they will look after you and provide you with fresh kefir every day.

Shipping costs vary depending on your location. For international orders the shipping costs are set to $0 (collection). Please note that you will receive an email with invoice to pay shipping costs with your credit card. The costs will be calculated depending on your postal address. Once you have paid for shipping and the grains we will send your order.

To get a quote for shipping please contact info@korukai.co.nz with your postal address and we are happy to give you a quote for untracked and tracked shipping.

You will receive via International Post:
- 1 portion of dried milk kefir grains to culture 500ml of milk in 24 hours after reactivation, which takes around 2-7 days.

You will receive via email 1-2 days before they are shipped (check shipment date on your invoice):
- Document with 14 pages of detailed instructions (Reactivating the dried grains, making kefir, what milk to use, fermenting with milk replacements (coconut, almond etc.), storing the grains, kefir uses and a kefir cheese/spread recipe)
- How to video (also found below)
- Instructions on how to make coconut kefir milk and other non-dairy milk replacement ferments
- Instructions on how to make apple cider and other fermented drinks with the kefir grains
- Support via email to ask questions and get a helping hand when needed. We are fluent in English and German.

The grains are grown sustainably and totally waste-free with fresh milk from a dairy cow. No plastic packaging is produced in the production process. Up to 10 litres of kefir are fed to calves and pigs every day on the farm, resulting in no waste product. The grains are grown in a certified kitchen, are professionally packed in a little pouch, secured with newspaper and are shipped in a cardboard box. Impossible to find more sustainable and a higher quality of kefir grains.

Please read the reviews from our happy customers.
With our grains you can rest assured that they are from professionals that grow a lot of kefir grains every week and have years of experience doing so. Kefir is tested monthly with a microscope to make sure there is a large variety of bacteria and yeast present. 

Making kefir is a very easy process. We have created a video (see below) to show you just how easy it is. You will get full directions via email 2-3 days before they are shipped to you.

A few articles on the benefits of kefir:

Milk kefir: composition, microbial cultures, biological activities, and related products

Kefir improves lactose digestion and tolerance in adults with lactose maldigestion

Milk kefir: nutritional, microbiological and health benefits.

Exploring the influence of culture conditions on kefir's anticancer properties.

Kefir: a powerful probiotics with anticancer properties.

More info on Kefir:
Milk kefir comes from the Caucasus, a mountainous region where the European continent meets Asia. It’s here that milk kefir earned its reputation as an elixir of long life and a medicinal tonic.
Milk kefir grains are a gelatinous mass harboring a generous variety of bacteria and yeast. They are used to make continual batches of milk kefir. There’s no actual grain in kefir grains. They are called grains because they are small and numerous, like grains of sand.
Kefir is closely related to cultures found in raw milk and our digestive tract, making it an excellent probiotic.

When kefir grains are added to milk, the bacteria begin feasting on the lactose in the milk. The lactose nourishes the grains, allowing them to grow and reproduce. Kefir has significanlty less lactose than fresh milk and is much more digestible for lactose intolerant people.

Data sheet

Dried milk kefir grains vacuum sealed in organic milk powder.

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