Making your own probiotic yoghurt is easy with this starter culture and you avoid the added preservatives, sugar, thickener and flavours of many store bought probiotic yoghurts. Plus you get to choose what milk you are going to use. 
Please note that you need to make a batch of yoghurt within 3-5 days of receiving the culture and then reculture every 2 weeks to keep the culture alive and healthy.

We highly recommend the Fermentation Flask to hold the temperature at 40 degrees for 8 hours. It makes yoghurt making at home super easy.

Taste and texture of this yoghurt:

It makes a thick and creamy yoghurt, slightly sour and mild. A beautiful yoghurt loved by everyone who visits the farm. It can be mixed with honey, fruits and berries of all kinds. It has a great texture, too.

Probiotics in this yoghurt:
Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium Bifidus, Streptococcus Thermophilus

You will get:
- Package with 1 Tbsp of probiotic starter culture to make 2kg of probiotic yoghurt. You can of course make less yoghurt. Check the directions file for further details. Then you reuse some of the yoghurt that you have made and keep culturing. No need to buy the culture ever again!
- Instructions via email with directions to make Probiotic Yoghurt and recipes for Greek Yoghurt, Simple Yoghurt Cheese (labneh) and Shankleesh (Lebanese cheese balls marinated in olive oil)
- S
upport via email within the first 2 weeks to ask questions and get a helping hand when needed

Here are the essentials that you will need to make yoghurt:
- milk
- glass jar
- pot
- thermometer (like this one)


Shipping is with overnight courier (without signature, by NZ post) on the next Monday following the order. So orders need to be placed by Sunday noon to be sent on the coming Monday. Please select rural delivery if you supply us with a rural address. We won't send the sourdough starter if the rural fee has not been paid. If you are unsure if you live at a rural address please check your address here:

10 Proven Probiotic Yogurt Benefits & Nutrition Facts

Data sheet

organic pasteurised whole milk, probiotic starter culture (L. Acidophilus, L. Bulgaricus, B. Bifidus, S. Thermophilus)
Emma Robinson 16/02/2021

Probiotic yoghurt bug

I love the yoghurt I make with this bug. It’s very easy (thanks to excellent instructions) and tastes delicious. I have been using this bug for five months and it’s going strong - great value and no waste, just pure yoghurt!

Emma 16/09/2020

Great yoghurt!

I just wanted to let you know that I have now been making yoghurt from the bug I bought for approx 5 weeks and it is fantastic. I have got the hang of it now and the last batch was really thick and delicious.

Bridgitte T. 31/07/2020


Thanks for the instructions and the package - I made my first batch just now and your instructions were very helpful!

Karen 17/06/2020

Your products are amazing!

I just wanted to send you a huge thank you. Your products are amazing! I got some yogurt culture from you and that has produced the most amazing yogurt! We can literally stand a spoon upright in the yogurt. I also decided to give Kefir a go! The grains you sent me are so healthy and vigorous, they make the most amazing kefir! I am so thankful that you’re Sharing these most amazing products with us. Huge shout out to you!

Karen Benn 02/04/2020


I am loving my homemade yoghurt which all started with your yoghurt starter kit, thank you.

Sarah 26/02/2020

Great product

Thank for shipping the starter so fast. I have made 1 kg using the fermentation flask and it was pretty easy to do. Loved the process and having successfully made yoghurt with the first batch gave me great satisfaction.

Belinda McGommery 26/02/2020

Fabulous yoghurt!

The starter arrived well and I have made the first batch of yoghurt following the instructions that came with it. It was easy to do and a great success. I made 2 kilos with half of the starter that got shipped.

Simone Warkman 21/02/2020

Love to make my own

I love the process of yoghurt making every second week. I enjoy it with my homemade muesli for breakfast and my grandkids also got a taste for it. The instructions are great and the process is easy. Once you have done it once, you are away. It saves me a lot of money as it can be used again and again with only one teaspoon from the last batch. Highly recommend this culture.

Stefan Cockroft 21/02/2020

Didn't work for me.

Followed instructions and used specially designed yogurt thermos flask. Negative result. KoruKai just said it works for others. It wasn't cheap, they are stingy with quantity provide. An expensive wast of time. Great promises of 4kg of yoghurt. I got none. It's too expensive for the miserly amount supplied, too. But others might find it great. Just my experience. Response from KoruKai: Hi Stefan, We are very sorry for your experience. I hear your frustration when things don’t go as planned. When we started out making yoghurt 10 years ago, instructions were not available and it took us a few batches to get things right. Now you are lucky that you received instructions and a superb yoghurt culture that can be used over and over again. We are sorry that you forgot to reach out to us and send us a message when things went wrong. We would have been more than happy to help you troubleshoot and set you on the right track. Part of what you pay for is for the instruction booklet with recipes and the email support, but you did not take up this offer. When you did reach out, you were unwilling to explain your process as you have given up already and you were unwilling to give it another go with our help. We also noticed that you probably used too much of the culture provided and this could just be the reason for your failed batch. This is also a great reminder for others that we are a quick phone call or an email away for supporting you with this process. You get 4 teaspoons (twice as much as promised on the order page) in the mail so you have backup on hand if things go wrong the first time. A great reminder also to stick to the instructions and use 1 tsp. per litre of milk and not more. Simply store the backup in the fridge as you might need it. We have helped now close to 100 people to get off commercial yoghurt cultures and have made a lot of people aware that making your own, additive-free, fresh yoghurt at home is fun, easy and so rewarding.

Rebecca Spiers 21/02/2020

Best culture!

I just love this yoghurt. It's smooth and creamy and so delicious. I have made now 5 successful batches and also make Greek yoghurt once a month. The instructions that come with it are excellent and the email support is fast and friendly. Thank you so much for all that you do to make this culture available for others. Really appreciate it that I now can make yoghurt fresh every week and don't need to buy freeze-dried-use-once commercial cultures.

Kerstin Hamilton 26/01/2020

Yoghurt making made easy

KoruKai have a great yoghurt starter that comes with clear instructions and it is super easy to make your own yoghurt. Couldn't recommend it highly enough!

Deborah Ross 12/01/2020

Yoghurt starter

Very pleased with this product and the instructions. We are now making our own Greek yoghurt and labneh and really enjoying the experience. Thanks

Belinda McPhie 12/01/2020


This yoghurt starter is just fabulous. The yoghurt is beautifully smooth, creamy and tastes delicious. I have now made around 15 batches over 3 months and the result is very stable from the first batch to now. The customer service from KoruKai is 5*.

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