A kitchen thermometer is a great tool to measure the temperature of milk be it for kefir, yoghurt or cheese making.
It is an instent read thermometer without batteries and shows you temperature at any given moment. No need to turn on or off. Lasts a lifetime if it does not get dropped.
Best to wash the measuring tip by hand with warm soapy water and don't put it in the dishwasher.

It is great to ensure the milk is at the right temperature when it gets heated. It has saved the life of kefir grains more than once. It is also a great tool to measure the kefir during fermentation especially in winter when temperatures are fluctuating. This can make troubleshooting a lot easier and helps to find the perfect spot in the house to keep the kefir happy and active.
For probiotic yoghurt making it is essential because you have to heat the milk to 83 degrees celsius and then cool it down to exactly 40 degrees celsius. Failing to do that will not give you yoghurt and may kill the culture.

The thermometer has F for fahrenheit and C for celsius on the dial. In NZ temperatures are measured in celsius. When using a recipe from overseas (America for example) make sure to check if F or C are used.

Red area shows frothing temperature for milk.

Please Note: When measuring the temperature please ensure that the indentation point found on the lower half of the thermometer stem are fully submerged in the liquid. If this point is not covered in the liquid, you will not be able to obtain an accurate temperature reading.

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