One thing that should be in just about everyone's diet are fermented or cultured foods. Not only are they packed with flavor, but they're positively brimming with probiotics.

Those little microorganisms support your immune system and help to revive and maintain gut health. Fermented foods are also rich in B vitamins, food enzymes and key antioxidants that support healthy cells.

Welcome to this exciting journey of fermentation. Working with live cultures that just magically appear (well they have been there all the time, but we just can’t see them with the naked eye) and turn your cabbage into sauerkraut is exciting. The health benefits of this “slow food” are so numerous and as human beings we are finding our way back to traditional ways of preparing food for maximum nutrient retention, preservation of food and increased well-being.

We offer two sizes. Please see details for each pack and make your selection above.

Standard Pack contents (details for each item are below)
- 1x instruction and recipe booklet "Lacto-Fermentation"
- 1x wooden pounder
- 2x 960ml glass jar with lid
- 2x glass weights
- 2x airlocks

Maxi Pack contents (details for each item are below)
- 1x instruction and recipe booklet "Lacto-Fermentation"
- 1x wooden pounder
- 4x 960ml litre glass jar with lid
- 4x glass weights
- 4x airlocks

Wooden Pounder
We have made a great amount of ferments over the years at KoruKai Herb Farm and used a fair bit of pounders. We know what makes a pounder fabulous. A local Akaroa woodturner makes these pounders for us. The wood is untreated, natural silver beech and is finished with a natural vegetable oil.
It is used to pound vegetables to draw out their juices and also to tightly pack them into jars for best fermentation. Well-designed 2 ends allows to fit perfectly into wide and regular mouthed jars.

Measurements: length 35cm, top diameter 4.5cm, bottom diameter 6cm. Easy and comfortable grip with a tapering of 3.5cm diameter. This can vary as each one is handmade and unique.

Glass Jars
960ml Ball wide mouth glass jars with compound lid
The jar is great for lacto-fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and kimchi. It can also be used for yoghurt and kefir making and kombucha. The airlock (below) and the weights fit these jars perfectly. The regular lid is used to store the ferments in the fridge.

Glass Weights
Country Trading glass fermentation weights. They fit a wide mouth glass jars like the Ball jars (above). They're deep enough so that when the top hits the lid the base is still pushing the pickles down. They are easy to put in and to fish out of the jar by grabbing the little handle. They're heavy enough to keep down the most vigorous ferment and they are really easy to clean.
These glass weights come in a set of four and will last you a lifetime of fermenting. Diameter is 69mm, depth is 14mm.

These are silicone fermenting airlocks. They fit the jars from above perfectly and are used during the active fermentation period. These are perfect for keeping lacto-fermented pickles and drinks under an airlock during fermentation and storage. As pressure builds up gas pushes out the top of the spout without letting air in.
Made from FDA approved, food-grade silicone, which can be washed in the dishwasher and reused.
When ferment is finished, simply remove weight and airlock and fasten regular lid onto the jar and store in the fridge.

KoruKai "Lacto-Fermentation" Recipe Booklet
27 pages of detailed instructions and recipes

Jennifer Redeker 01/06/2019

Worth the investment.

I used to make ferments without the weights and airlocks and now that I have them I know that they are totally worth the investment. They work a treat and the outcome is so much better than without.

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