Come and get a guided farm tour at KoruKai Herb Farm. Meet the team behind KoruKai and get your questions answered.

On KoruKai Herb Farm everything is grown spray-free and organically with an integrated pest and disease management. We measure the nutrient density in our vegetables and herbs with a Brix meter and do microbial soil analysis on a regular basis to help us with decision making.

We implement permaculture principles wherever possible trying to close the "loop". We have a composting toilet and use water harvesting techniques like swales on contour on our hilly block.

We keep Wiltshire sheep, ducks, chickens and weaner pigs. We have a Jersey house cow and transform the milk into butter, cheese and yoghurt.

The tour finishes with probiotic refreshments and herbal teas.

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Inspiration and positive vibes :-)
Valerie (Manna at LU) Lowe 28/03/2021

Thank you!

We so very much enjoyed hearing how you got the farm going and why you do what you do. I’ve already made the suggestion to two others that they should really go. I’d go back in a heartbeat. Hope to see you on campus sometime!

Jacob Rados 28/03/2021

Sharing the knowledge

Lovely to be a part of this Farm tour, very informative, a real powerhouse of a team doing the real work on the land. Great to see and bear witness to. Lots of gems of wisdom, very much appreciated the time and knowledge shared. Thankyou

Amelie 30/11/2020

Blown away!

Thank you so much for opening your doors at your open day. I was absolutely blown away by your beautiful and productive gardens. You are so knowledgeable when it comes to organic growing and you have such an in depth knowledge of healthy soil, the basis for all that you do. I have been following you for some time and now that I have visited I know for sure that you walk the talk.

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