The farm tour takes between 1.5 and 2.5 hours depending on the size of the group. Large groups take substantially longer than groups under 10 people due to a number of factors.

See calendar below for available dates and send a message to [email protected] before making a booking. If you can't find a suitable date, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Farm Tour at KoruKai Herb Farm

On KoruKai Herb Farm everything is grown spray-free and organically. We are farming in a biological and regenerative way by actively building soil, testing for nutrient density of plants and sequestering carbon with the aid of the soil food web. Our inputs are made right on the farm: Compost, compost extract, vermicast and fish hydrolysate. They inoculate our seeds, bring vitality to the soil and introduce vital soil microroganisms to cycle nutrients for our plants.
We implement permaculture principles wherever possible trying to close the "loop". We have a composting toilet and use water harvesting techniques like swales on contour on our hilly block.

We keep Wiltshire sheep, ducks, chickens and weaner pigs. We have a Jersey house cow and transform the milk into butter, cheese and yoghurt.

Topics that will be touched on based on the interest of your group:

Our KoruKai Herb Farm story: past, present and future
Running of the Herb Farm: Harvest, Drying Facility
Holistic Health/Nutrition/Fasting
Biological/Regenerative Gardening: The Soil Food Web
Compost Making, Worm Farming, Liquid extracts
Nutrient density (ties in with a lot of the other points)
Pest and disease control (ties in with a lot of the other points)
Managing a house cow: Milk processing, natural cheese making, kefir and yoghurt
Permaculture design and principles

Only dates stated as "Available for Booking" are available. Send a message to [email protected] before making a booking. If you can't find a suitable date, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We also offer a range of workshops throughout the year. Please see here.

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Inspiration and positive vibes :-)
Christine 14/12/2019

Farm Tour

I thoroughly enjoyed the wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm you shared with us.

Wendy 14/12/2019

Herb Farm

Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality at your beautiful oasis today. You were so generous with the information you shared about raising herbs and vegetable gardening, and livestock in tandem with the seasons. I now know more about the best fungal environment for my strawberries, to let plants go to seed (and not pull them out at the first sign of bolting) and to dry herbs naturally out of the sun.

Amelie 14/12/2019

KoruKai Farm

I was absolutely blown away by your beautiful and productive gardens. You are so knowledgeable when it comes to organic growing and you have such an in depth knowledge of healthy soil, the basis for all that you do. I have been following you for some time and now that I have visited I know for sure that you walk the talk.

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