40g glass container.

This nourishing and healing cream soaks well into the skin making it velvety soft and leaving it moisturised for the whole day.
Herbal extracts give this balsam healing properties.

Women: with calendula, lavender and kanuka infused oil. It has a beautiful, floral note.  
Men: with rosemary, kawakawa and kanuka infused oil. It has a woody, masculin scent.

Preservative free: Hygienic use is recommended for a long lasting product. Wash hands before using the Balsam or use a clean spoon to scoop the cream out of the jar.

Use sparingly! A pea size is enough for the whole face and a walnut size for the whole body. Can be applied to moist skin after a shower.

Essential oil free, water free, preservative free, free of artificial colours and fragrances

Data sheet

Jojoba oil, avocado oil, rosehip oil, sunflower oil, avocado butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, (women: calendula, kanuka, lavender; men: kawakawa, rosemary, kanuka) and aloe vera extract
Amelia Frakers 21/09/2020

Fabulous night cream!

This is a beautiful moisturiser and is now replacing my $150 night cream. It feels nice and nourishing on the skin and absorbs well. I wake up with soft skin and need nothing else all day.

RW 12/09/2020

Absorbs easily

I found the cream absorbed easily and kept my face moist for a few hours. It was very pleasant smell-wise.

Jo 12/09/2020

Fresh and healing

The botanical extracts smell amazing & fresh. It feels healing because of that. The texture is somewhere between a balm & an oil. Nice & silky smooth.

Tony 12/09/2020


It is slightly greasy or oily when first put on, but I find my skin seems to absorb it quite quickly. I get dry skin a bit during the winter on my face and this seemed to stop that.

Tracy 12/09/2020

Beautiful and soft

I have used this moisturiser and I thought it was beautifully soft and not too heavy. My daughter has also tested it and she thought it added softness to her skin and she also really liked it.

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