Baby SunArmour is a sunblock, therefore has no SPF rating. It can be compared to a SPF 40+ sunscreen.

Active ingredient is natural zinc oxide:
Zinc oxide is a powdered mineral that sits on top of the skin, scattering, reflecting and absorbing UVA & UVB rays. Zinc oxide is an effective and safe way to protect your skin from the sun's rays as it provides broad UV protection and is not absorbed into your body (unlike petroleum-based sunscreen chemicals). It sits on the top of your skin where it needs to be, effectively providing a layer of armour against damaging UV rays. We use non-nano, uncoated zinc oxide that does not get absorbed into the bloodstream causing damage to your organs or fish in the ocean. 

Apply evenly onto clean and dry skin prior to sun exposure. It is effective straight away as the zinc oxide forms a protective layer on your baby's skin.
Avoid getting it onto clothes as the zinc oxide is hard to wipe or wash off. 
Reapply every 2 hours or after swimming and towel drying.
Although zinc oxide is the safest and most effective natural sunscreen ingredient, the best protection from the sun is to seek shade between 11am and 3pm and cover up with clothes and a hat.

Chemical and natural Sunscreens in the news
We regularly hear from people, whose children have had a serious reaction to chemical sunscreens and are admitted to hospital because of it. In September an article stated that some chemical sunscreens can wreck a car's paintwork. A month later natural mineral sunscreens also hit the news.
Two natural sunscreens have been recalled, and another will be relabelled to correct a false claim of high SPF, following Consumer New Zealand testing.
Read the article here.
Now you might wonder where we stand with our KoruKai SunArmour and we are here to answer any questions you might have. So here are some facts for you.
There are two types of sunscreen test. In vivo is the "old fashioned" but more reliable testing method. It involves 10 human volunteers who apply the sunscreen and their skin is tested for a change of colour (pigment darkening) after being exposed to the sun for a certain period of time.
In vitro is a laboratory test and the modern version of the above method. Several in vitro techniques have been developed, but at present there is no broadly accepted method.
Each country has their own methods and regulations. At present NZ has none and sunscreens are not required to get tested. If a sunscreen from NZ is to be tested is has to go to an Australian institute, which can be very costly.

Regular SunArmour test
At KoruKai we have basically done the in vivo testing method and have tested it on ourselves. In the first year, I (Cornelia) have solely used our homemade mineral sunscreen over the entire summer with great results. No sunburn, great protection. In the second year our whole family, including the children and grandparents, has used the sunscreen. So a total of 7 people. We are all fair skinned and have not gotten a sunburn once when the sunscreen was applied. We had a light tan on exposed skin at the end of summer and rated the sunscreen as a SPF 30 (that's the SPF we used to buy and we had the same results).
In the 3rd year we started selling and marketing our SunArmour and had great customer feedback in regard to its effectiveness, scent, texture and use for sensitive skin.

Baby SunArmour test
In the 4th year we are now offering the Baby SunArmour for babies and people with sensitive skin. The base of this product is a balm without any water content therefore we did not need to use a preservative and also did not use an essential oil for scent.
We have done the same testing with the Baby SunArmour as we did with the regular SunArmour. When using Baby SunArmour we had no colour change/tan when using this product because of a greater percentage of zinc oxide used than in the regular SunArmour.
We are offering wee tester pots, so you can check them out before buying the regular size.

Data sheet

coconut oil, jojoba oil, zinc oxide (non-nano, uncoated), raspberry seed oil, sunflower oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, aloe vera extract
Victoria A 15/02/2021

Baby Sun Armour

I put Baby Sun Amour on my nose & went picking wood sorrel at the beach wearing my sunglasses. First time ever my nose didn't get sun burnt! Yah

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