Since 1994 ComposTex has been used on thousands of compost projects around the world. The most common use of ComposTex is to protect active, curing and finished compost piles from excess rainfall, thereby preventing excess moisture conditions, which in-turn helps ensure optimal aerobic microbial activity, reduce unpleasant odors associated with saturated/anaerobic conditions, and reduce soluble nutrient losses. In some cases, ComposTex is also used to protect piles from windblown weed seeds and to limit access to flies and scavenging animals.

They make an amazing low-tech worm farm. Please see video below.



Exceptional strength and tear resistance
UV-light protected
4 to 15-plus year durability


Fibers:  Polypropylene (non-woven)
Color: Black
Thickness: 1.8mm
Weight: 200 g/sq m
Air Permeability: 200 to 400 cfm
Water Shedding: 99% or better
Finish treatment: Thermal stabilization (ie. heat treated on one side)


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