Meaning of KoruKai

The koru in our name and emblem is a symbol for new life and harmony.
It encompasses growth, change, chaos, surrender and new beginning.
It is a continuum as it unwinds and new spirals appear; like the unfurling of life itself.

We have chosen to interconnet the koru with a stinging nettle leaf in our logo,
representing the "Kai" (food) part of our name.

The stinging nettle leaf symbolises the interconnectedness of medicinal herbs and nourishing foods to make us healthy and to keep us healthy. Incorporating medicinal herbs (garlic, onion, artichoke, herbal teas) and nourishing weeds with anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, phytochemicals and detoxifying properties into our daily diet is key for our health and well-being.

We offer edible weeds workshops, where you will learn about the range of wild edibles around you, how to prepare them and their range of nutrients and amazing medicinal properties.

Fermentation workshops and organic gardening workshops are here to help you on your journey of wholesome foods and self-reliance in terms of food and medicine

We truly believe that the right food can make us healthy and that there are a lot of foods that can make us sick and are responsible for a lot of diseases in the Western world.

"The natural healing force within each one
of us is the greatest force in getting well.
Our food should be our medicine.
Our medicine should be our food."

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