Guidelines to Return Containers

We believe single-use glass containers are not the solution to our waste problem, but they are sturdier than plastic and can be washed and reused many, many times.

We are taking containers back to get reused as we believe that this is the best way to really make a difference. Most plastic containers can also be reused a few times, especially the SunArmour and Body Lotion containers are suited as they can be sterilised with boiling water.

To return containers please flollow below steps

Rinse container with boiling water (warm water first to prevent glass from breaking) a few times to melt away all the left over bits of cream, salve etc.

Remove the best before label while container is still hot

Remove stained or dirty labels

Let container dry without lid

Use one of our shipping boxes and pack containers securely to prevent breakages.

Ship your clean and dry containers to: KoruKai Herb Farm, PO Box 88015, Pigeon Bay, Akaroa 7550

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