Composting Equipment

At KoruKai Herb Farm we produce 4-6 tonnes of compost per year, so we know what tools are necessary and handy to have on hand. We offer them here so you can make great compost as well.

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Compost Thermometer

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Stainless steel thermometer with long probe to measure the temperature of compost and soil.

Improved version of the KoruKai thermometer. Now hermetically sealed to withstand the weather and prevent fogging. We still advise to not leave it sticking in the compost for long periods of time.

50 cm long

Comes with a thorough leaflet to explain the colour coded temperature ranges. This is sent via email after you have done your purchase. Please look for an email with the subject line: [KoruKai Herb Farm] Files available for your order


When ordering more than one thermometer please choose from the list below so the shipping stays the same as for one thermometer.

For larger quantities and wholesale rates please send us a message: [email protected]

Compost Cover

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ComposTex Compost Covers (also known as "compost fleece") is a completely breathable, non-woven fabric made of 100% UV-resistant polypropylene that sheds rainfall and snow melt from compost piles and covered windrows while oxygen perforates.

At KoruKai Herb Farm we even use it for a fast to install, low-tech worm farming system straight on the ground.

Available sizes (please choose your size below):

1.20m x 1.20m

1.20m x 2.40m

1.20m x 3.66m

For different sizes, large quantities or a whole 50m roll please send an email to Kai at [email protected] for a quote.

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