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Our range of online workshops is ever growing so you can benefit from our knowledge without even leaving your home. We produce high quality videos and resources and make the online workshops as engaging as possible.

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Online Compost Making Workshop

Price $195.00
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8 weeks of learning with like-minded people. Sign up below and get notified once it is available.

We are in the middle of creating the videos, lectures and files for this workshop. It's a massive task!

You will be able to sign up in September 2021. We will have early bird specials. 

The class will run in February and March 2022, so you can set up your own system and make compost in autumn.

This amazing class brings together what we have learnt, observed and experienced over the last 10 years of making compost, both on small and medium scale. Compost brings back vitality, regenerates the soil, inoculated your gardens and farms with microbiology so your plants can thrive. With high quality compost we grow plants that are nutrient dense and resistant to pest and diseases.

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