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We love our furry friends and have created a beautiful range of healing balms for them. We of course make them for your fur babies as well.

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Healing Balm for Animals

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All round animal care balm to treat dry and cracked paws, heal skin irritations, reduce inflammation and support wound healing.

Suitable for all animals – big and small.  

Available in 50g and 200g.

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Udder Balm for Dairy Cows, Goats and Sheep

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With moisturising oils and healing herbs to prevent infections, heals cracks and abrasions.   

Apply balm liberally onto teats after each milking.

600g lasts for approx. 6 months per dairy cow or for 2-3 dairy goats/sheep.

We are awaiting delivery of containers and hope to have it back in stock soon.

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