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A beautiful selection of natural products for new mums and babies. Chemical free, preservative free, simply the best for sensitive baby skin.

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Baby SunArmour

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Price $22.00
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This SunArmour for babies and for people with very sensitive skin is made with non-nano zinc oxide and natural botanical oils.
It is free from chemicals, preservatives and fragrances (incl. essential oils).

It is easily applied, effective and provides UVA and UVB protection.

Available in 60g glass container and 15g tester pot (select below).

Baby Bottom Balm

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Price $22.00
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This natural balm contains herbal extracts from KoruKai Herb Farm. Calendula, Native NZ Kanuka and St John's Wort are extracted in certified organic sunflower oil over a 6-week period.

The balm has been formulated to nurture, sooth and protect baby’s delicate skin. It provides a barrier to prevent nappy rash, reduces inflammation and heals the skin.

50g glass container.

Baby Soap

Price $11.00
Availability: 141 In Stock

Gentle & Soothing with herbal extracts of calendula, lavender and NZ Kanuka

This natural baby soap is soothing, extra gentle and moisturising. It is an excellent choice for babies and folks with sensitive or dry skin.

Baby Soap (4cm x 4cm x 2cm) in recycled, biodegradable cardboard box. Gentle for your baby and the environment.

Pregnancy Tea

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Price $15.00
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This tea is formulated to strengthen and nourish your body throughout pregnancy. It contains important nutrients for your baby and supports your body in preparation for labour.

30g loose tea in compostable packaging.

Postnatal Healing Cream

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Price $13.90
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This amazing healing cream has a big range of actions and uses. It relieves painful haemorrhoids, softens, soothes and repairs the skin and speeds up the healing process after giving birth.

Available in 15g and 25g glass container.

Mum & Bubs Massage Oil

Price $22.00
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This herbal oil enhances the skin’s elasticity, helping to prevent stretch marks and perineal tearing.
It is deeply nourishing and relieves dry and irritated skin making it a great massage oil for baby. 

50ml glass container with pump.

Mum & Bubs Tea

Price $15.00
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This 100% organic tea is calming and soothing for baby’s digestive tract, reduces bloating and promotes sleep. It is formulated to help the new mother through anxiety and worries.

30g loose tea in compostable packaging.

Midwife Pack

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Price $172.50
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30x 15g glass containers

This pack is for midwives supplying their clients with natural herbal remedies after giving birth. These are NOT sample sizes, but treatment sizes for sore breastfeeding nipples, haemorrhoids, bruises and swelling.
The balms and creams are packed with nature's goodness to provide relief and healing.

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