Herbal Health Remedies

A lot of care and attention goes into our health remedies. They are crafted in small batches by extracting the herbs in various solvents from water to glycerine and alcohol. The freshness of the herbs makes them very potent. The children’s remedies are deliciously blended with honey from the farm and taste great even for picky little ones.

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Digestive Tonic

Price $15.50
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This tonic with raw, organic apple cider vinegar aids in digestion and relieves occasional heartburn.
The addition of dandelion root, fennel seeds and elecampane make it a great tonic for a healthy gut flora.

Available in 100ml and 200ml glass bottles (select below).

Health Elixir

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Price $21.50
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2-in-1 herbal remedy for immune and respiratory support for adults.

This elixir is packed with antimicrobial, antiviral and antiseptic herbs to support your body through bacterial and viral infections and hay fever. The herbs strengthen the immune system and are soothing to the respiratory system.

Available in 100ml and 200ml glass bottles (select below).

For kids please see our Elderberry Syrup for immune support and our Chest Ease for respiratory conditions and coughing.

Chest Ease

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Price $21.50
Availability: 26 In Stock

This herbal remedy has been formulated for children.
It is soothing for the whole respiratory system and will bring relieve to wet and dry coughs, bronchitis and asthma.

100ml glass packaging.

Please see our Health Elixir for a chest relief and immune tonic for adults.

DIY Elderberry Syrup Kit

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Price $24.00
Availability: 11 In Stock

With this kit you can craft your own elderberry syrup at a fraction of the cost. It gives you peace of mind as you know that you are using high quality, organic ingredients and you get the satisfaction of creating something very healthy for your own family.

Makes 400ml.

Mullein Ear Drops

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Price $14.00
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Mullein flowers provide a powerful remedy for ear infections. Mullein flowers act to resolve swellings, ease the accompanying pain and therefore speeds up the recovery time.

10ml glass bottle with dropper.

Reliefs earache and minor ear infections.

Throat Spray Adults

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Price $21.00
Availability: 48 In Stock

Sage and native NZ Kawakawa bring pain relief for sore throat.
Together with echinacea and elderberries they stimulate the immune system to combat cold, flu and other illnesses and infections.

Immune Boost Tea

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Price $14.00
Availability: 15 In Stock


Now with NZ native Kanuka and Tulsi (Holy basil).

This tea fights bacterial and viral infections and boosts your immune system. It is soothing to inflamed and painful mucous membranes.

To support the lungs and to treat a cough we recommend our Lung Support Tea in combination with this tea.

30g loose tea in compostable packaging.

Juice Fasting Support Bundle

Price $55.00
Availability: Out of stock

One of the most powerful things you can do for your health, well-being and longevity is fasting.
During fasting you are giving your digestive system a rest and allowing your body to literally take the rubbish out.

Can can do a day, two days or 5+ days of fasting. With this bundle you are set to go.

We are reworking this bundle at the moment. It will be available again soon.

Hay Fever Tea

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Price $14.00
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The herbs in this tea may help your body to be less reactive to airborne irritants and, at the same time, to clear the sinus passageways. It provides seasonal and year-round support.

Available in 30g and 60g (please choose below).

Loose tea in compostable packaging.

Digestive Aid Tea

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Price $14.00
Availability: 44 In Stock

This is a delicious tea containing leaves, flowers and seeds. It combines herbs to treat all sorts of digestive ailments. It improves digestion, reduces gas, eases nausea and soothes cramping. It helps relieve excess gas as well as relax spasms in the digestive tract.

30g loose tea in compostable packaging.

Women's Transition Tea

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Price $14.00
Availability: 48 In Stock

This tea is formulated with well-researched herbs to treat some of the most common symptoms of menopause. It will bring relieve for hot flushes, night sweats, moodiness, irritability and poor sleep.

30g loose tea in compostable packaging.

Custom Blend Herbal Tea

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Price $16.00
Availability: 10 In Stock

Custom blended herbal tea with herbs organically grown at KoruKai Herb Farm, Banks Peninsula.
We are happy to make custom blends with herbs that you fancy.
For certain medical conditions please get advise from a herbal practitioner to make a recommendation on the herbs that are suited for you.

Please send an email to [email protected] for all inquiries.

Moon Flow Tea

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Price $14.00
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This tea can help women to go with the monthly flow more easily.

The combination of herbs may soothe frazzled nerves, reduce tension, irritability, discomfort, depression, mood swings, cramps and bloating.

Available in 30g and 60g.

Loose tea in compostable packaging. The taste is flowery sweet with a hint of lemon. A very pleasant cup of herbal tea.

Kids Calm Tea

Price $14.00
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It’s a tough world our kids grow up in. High expectations, peer pressure, fear not to fit in and exams can result in tension, anxiety, depression and panic attacks. There is no instant answer to those problems, but a remarkable number of herbs can reduce the symptoms and by supporting the nervous system, gradually restore health.

30g loose leaf tea in compostable packaging.

Lung Support Tea

Price $14.00
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This tea contains herbs that have been used for chest complaints for centuries. It may reduce inflammation, sooth irritated mucous membranes and create a productive cough.
Use it when your lungs need support - be it a cough, asthma, shortness of breath or tightness.

To boost your immune system, we recommend our Immune Boost Tea in combination with this tea.

30g loose tea in compostable packaging.

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